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Yoga Poses For Your Kids To Try At Home

11th Oct 19

Yoga is one of those incredible things in life that has something to offer everyone. No matter who you are, what you can do, or how fit you are, there’s something in yoga that can help you make a positive change in life. That includes you and your kids too. Besides, they’re probably more flexible than you anyway!

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Benefits of Yoga for Kids

Yoga is not without its benefits, but even more so, yoga can benefit your kids too. We already know what it can for adults (from the benefits of yoga article here), like relaxing, improving flexibility, and even increasing strength, but when it comes to yoga and your children, things get even deeper.

Looking at some of the classic benefits, like improved emotional management, mindfulness, and even stress and anxiety reduction, for example, these are all pillars of what yoga has to offer you. Apply these benefits to your kids, and you have a much more stable and generally healthier child, but with yoga, it’s both inside and out. That’s something a lot of exercises can’t always offer.

Easy Yoga Poses for Your Kids to Try

If your child does want to proceed, this is where the next challenge comes into play. What are the best yoga poses for kids? There is a lot to choose from, after all. Realistically, it all depends on your child and what they would enjoy doing or would be able to do. It can be a little tricky, and some poses may not be quite as fun as others.

Here are some of the best:

Downward Dog

Boy doing downward dog

The downward-facing dog is one of the most famous yoga poses out there and is even easier for kids to tackle. It’s best done with a yoga mat or on a soft surface just in case of any falls, though, so do bear that in mind.

It’s a great way to help build up the balance as well as upper body, lower body and core strength (although they’ll more than likely be doing just fine already!). It does take balance and patience, but it’s definitely an interesting pose.


girl doing cat-cow

This one is a little more versatile, and it’s one of the easiest to master, too, which is always a good thing with using yoga for kids. The idea is a little similar to the one above, but it combines two poses into one and is more dynamic rather than holding a pose.

The idea is to get on your hands and knees, and from there, simply arch your back and face down, and then reverse your back and face outwards/upwards. Don’t do so drastically to make sure there are no accidents, but it’s pretty tame and one of the more fun poses.


girl doing tree position

This one is a lot different from the others mostly because of the stance that it requires, and a little balance too. You need to stand on one leg, point your hands in the air, and bend the raised leg to make a triangle. Hold, breathe, and go back to normal.

The stretch helps you to really use your whole body together, all at once and even helps with your breathing. As you hold and relax, it’s a great way to centre yourself and improve your ability to focus. For kids, this kind of yoga skill is more valuable than you might realise.


girl doing lion position

The final yoga pose we’ll look at for your kids to try out is the lion. This one can be a lot of fun, so it’s a great one to remember. It may look dull at first, but trust us; it’s not.

To do the lion pose, you need to sit down cross-legged. That’s the central position of the pose. This is where your inner lion comes out. Put the back of your hands on your knees, spread your fingers like a lion’s claws, stick your tongue out, and roar. That’s right, roar. It’s a fantastic way to let out your energy and become one with what you are doing while still getting the benefits of yoga.

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Realistically speaking, once you have the balancing and breathing part of yoga nailed, you can help your kids do pretty much anything. Children are naturally flexible, resilient and usually up for trying anything thrown at them, so all of these can be a great way to get the ball rolling at least. They can spice things up and help them grow and develop in a whole world of ways. Give it a try and see how they find it!

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