Let’s Take A Trip Back In Time…


In 2019, Exercise.co.uk was born.

A website designed to provide customers with high-quality, affordable home gym equipment, along with a way to educate and guide customers through their fitness journey with an educational and free Learn area.

Our mission; to bring a healthier lifestyle to your doorstep, one that suits all lifestyles! We wanted to make exercise accessible and realistic for everyone by bringing high-quality, affordable exercise equipment straight into your home to save you time and keep you moving. The addition of our Leanr area; which is full to the brim with knowledge on all things fitness and health that suits everyone; means anyone, anywhere, can start their fitness journey however they want.

The same year we launched exercise.co.uk, we also launched the Davina McCall fitness collection, giving us an ambassador and a platform to hit the ground running.


2021 saw the fitness industry returning from the Covid-19 pandemic bigger and stronger than ever. Now well-established and a reliable place to shop and learn, we aim to empower and educate people to stay fit and healthy and to #findyourfeelgood. We provide a 5-Star service and affordable, reliable products to customers throughout the UK, as well as reaching a milestone of over 500 articles in our Learn area. 2021 also sees the promise of new things, with the arrival of the Inspire collection and many more new and exciting things on the way.

The Covid-19 pandemic also encouraged us to look closer to home when sourcing our home gym products, so we launched the Marcy Eco Made In Britain Weight Plate range, sourced and made right here in the UK from recycled and recyclable scrap metal.


In 2022, exercise.co.uk partnered up with Great Britain’s athletics champion and Silver Medallist, Roger Black MBE. and launched his home fitness range Roger Black Fitness on our website, with him joining the team as our brand ambassador.

“I’m focused on helping people to start moving as well as remain active, it’s as simple as that. My exercise machines are designed to be natural and intuitive to use, with both bikes and treadmills available in static and folding format. I’m delighted that Roger Black Fitness equipment continues to be popular.” – Roger Black MBE.

The partnership came to life thanks to a shared passion for supporting Cystic Fibrosis Trust. It is exercise.co.uk’s nominated charity and very close to their hearts, as a team member’s sister suffers with CF. Roger, whose nephew also lives with the condition, became an ambassador for Cystic Fibrosis Trust several years ago.

Roger Black MBE said: “Exercise should be accessible to everybody, and that’s what the Roger Black Fitness stands for; keeping every body moving. Partnering with exercise.co.uk was a no-brainer; there’s an incredible synergy between our brands and we’re very excited to be working with the team.”


4 years after our launch, exercise.co.uk has arrived with a new look, new products and tonnes of new brands, expanding from just home fitness products into all thing exercise. With 5 brand-new shopping categories to choose from, you can well and truly exercise in your own way.

Exercise was born from a need to help provide people with a way to get fit and healthy in their own way and in their own time, and now we feel we have achieved this. Getting fit and healthy doesn’t have to be all about strength, cardio and yoga. It can be anything from playing tennis to getting outdoors and hiking to hitting the water for a swim.

However you want to workout, we’re here to help! And we can’t wait to get started…