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Who is and what’s the link to PureTec Limited

12th Mar 24 may be relatively new to the fitness market, but we’ve been around longer than you may think. Did you know we are owned by PureTec Limited? So we thought it would be a good idea to create an article all about us! Read on to discover who we are and what we’re about.

How came about was born in 2019 from a need to help provide people with a way to get fit and healthy in their own way and in their own time. Weight, mental well-being, and eating better are all significant focuses for people nowadays, and it’s essential that everyone has access to ways that can help them get fitter, feel better and live healthier. We’re a website that’s designed to provide you with high-quality, affordable equipment, along with a way to educate and guide you through your fitness journey, all without breaking the bank.

So, what makes us different from the rest?

We’re more than just another e-commerce site selling fitness equipment. Our core values are you, our customers. We are here to help educate and promote a healthy lifestyle for all. And this can be seen in our values.

  • Mission – To give everyone an equal chance and a healthier lifestyle.
  • Goal – To help you keep motivated, see results, and stay active for life.
  • Trust – We promise to help as much as we can. But if we can’t let us know.

We have our free learn area available to all with articles covering all types of fitness. From workout plans to informational articles diving further into sports, nutrition, and wellbeing to name a few. If there’s something you’re looking for that you can’t find get in contact with us and we can research further.

We may be small, but we are mighty!

At we are a small close-knit team, who value all things fitness. We are owned by PureTec Limited who have sole distribution rights for the Marcy brand of home gym equipment, with big-name partners including Argos, Costco and Decathlon. Based in Yorkshire, we’re a friendly bunch who are always willing to go that extra mile. Just check out our Feefo reviews, and you’ll see we’ve just been awarded their Platinum Trusted Service Award too!

Why exercise? Why not!

We sell directly from business to consumer, that means no silly middle man! – so you come to us directly for all queries including parts, and warranty – we won’t turn you away!

Support small businesses – we know, we know, this is a very popular drum to bang, but it’s true. It’s what we are. We’re the underdog trying to make our name amongst the fitness giants out there! And who doesn’t love an underdog…

Not only do we sell a wide range of products, we also have a ‘Learn’ area. Where you will find all things health, fitness and wellbeing absolutely FREE! (Who doesn’t love a freebie!) from nutrition advice to workout plans, all written by people who know what they’re talking about. So head to the ‘Learn’ area and start your fitness journey today.

What the future holds

We officially relaunched in June 2023 with a whole new slicker look. Since then, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to secure new product ranges, new article ideas and more. Watch this space, and help us soar! Just like with any fitness routine it takes consistency, dedication, and motivation to succeed and we are ready! We hope you are too.