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PureTec Fitness: Passion, Product, Customer

3rd Sep 21

Here at PureTec Fitness, we hold three important values: Passion, Product and Customer. Each of these aspects is at the core of what Puretec Ltd is as a business. Every member of our teams works to these values each and every day to make sure every order, every product and every customer gets the best service we can offer.

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PureTec Fitness runs on the passion of its core beliefs that everyone should have an equal opportunity to get and be healthy. Whether you have space for a full home gym, or just enough for a folding bike, regardless of your budget or fitness levels, we aim to have something for everyone and for those products to be as accessible as possible. This passion has driven us to work with companies such as Argos, Costco, Very, and many more so that you can get something that suits you and your needs wherever you choose to shop.

Not to mention our passionate staff who work every day to ensure these core beliefs are held and that every single customer leaves us happy and ready to make a start on their fitness journey.


Each and every product sold by PureTec Fitness is carefully hand-selected. This is to make sure that we are bringing our customers the best fitness equipment available. When selecting each piece of equipment, we check that each one is of the highest quality, priced right and designed with the customer in mind.

Regardless of the price, it is important to us that every piece of equipment fulfils the customer’s needs for as long as possible and makes customers confident that they can return to us time and time again. That’s why all of our products come with extensive warranties, so in the event that something does happen with your equipment, we are here to help.


The most vital part of our business is customers! Without them, there is no business. As we have said, our core belief is that everyone has the same opportunity to get and stay healthy. However. it is also important that they trust who they are buying from and know that should they need help with their product or even guidance in their fitness journey, we are here to help. Our customer service team work hard to ensure all of our customers receive the best experience we can offer, from placing an order all the way through to aftersales help should they need it.

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