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What Is A Roman Chair & How Do I Use One?

1st Dec 22

The Roman Chair (or the hyper-extension bench) can come across as an intimidating piece of fitness equipment, and we know what you’re thinking; what even is a Roman Chair? And where would I even start? Don’t worry; we’re here to help you make the Roman Chair your new favourite piece of equipment.

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What Is A Roman Chair?

man using a roman chair/hyper extension bench

A Roman Chair is a small weight bench designed to be used in a way that uses your own body weight as resistance to help strengthen and work your back, glutes, abs and upper legs. They often come with a small padded seat for you to lay on and a number of foam rollers to allow you to hold your weight and position whilst exercising.

Because of the unique way a Roman Chair is used, they also stretch the lower back muscles, which can be perfect for strengthening this area and preventing back injuries.

How Do I Use One?

As we’ve said before, the Roman chair can look quite intimidating, but once you’ve figured out the mechanics, they’re an amazing piece to use for strength training.

First, you need to lie face down on the large bench pad and secure your ankles under the foam rollers. Make sure that the bench doesn’t feel unsteady and that your body feels secure before you start any exercise to prevent any possible injuries.

Next, lengthen your body across the bench, so your body is in a straight, inclined line, in line with your legs and cross your arms in front of your chest – this will be your starting position.

Make sure to maintain a straight back and slowly bend forwards at the waist as far as possible whilst exhaling. As you reach the furthest point, slowly rise back up whilst inhaling, finishing with your upper body back in a straight line as you started.

What Are The Benefits?

Adding a Roman Chair to your workout routine can mean you can cut out other exercises as using one of these targets several areas such as your back, abs, glutes and upper legs all in one go. This will either help you save time when you workout or give you more time to do other exercises.

Most Roman Chars are also adjustable, meaning you can adjust them as you progress or for other people to use if you’re adding one to a shared home gym.

For those who spend most days seated, for example, at a desk, the Roman Chair could be perfect for you as it helps to fix and reduce any back pain caused by long hours in a chair. In addition, this simple movement will strengthen your lower back and abs, resulting in less pressure placed on your spine throughout the day. 

If you’re looking for something a bit different, or a new way to train, the Roman Chair could be the perfect thing to add to your home gym. They may look small and intimidating, but they don’t have to, and they really can be one of the best things you ever buy.

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