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Weight Bench VS Multi-Gym – Which is Better?

4th Jul 19

Deciding what equipment to use is never an easy feat in your training, especially when it’s a question like a weight bench vs multi-gym. This one really is dependent on what your goal is. Like with any exercise equipment, there are benefits to both of them.

We’ve put together some of the key points for the weight bench vs multi-gym argument to try and help you find your answer. (They’re both pretty awesome)

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Weight Bench

a marcy weight bench in a home setting

Let’s start with the titan of weight lifting that is the weight bench. Weight benches focus mostly on your upper body (arms, chest, back and abs), making this piece of equipment ideal for those looking to define and build muscle and burn fat.

Goals & Limits

They can be used by everyone, regardless of how experienced you are or your fitness goal. With that being said, if your goal is to build muscle without limits, technically, this is probably the one for you. They don’t have limits on the maximum weight you can lift (albeit massive already on multigyms). They are, however, much easier to get wrong. Do your homework!

The main reason for this is that weight benches allow you to be more flexible when lifting weights. Multi-gyms go up to a certain weight, restricting you from lifting heavier, but it’s very hard to reach it. (Do keep in mind, you need to buy heavier weights to lift on your bench too)


You can perform a huge range of exercises on a weight bench and use this piece of equipment as a prop. For example, you could complete exercises such as bench dips and kickbacks – both exercises are great for strengthening and toning your triceps, and you don’t need to lay on the bench. There’s more to them than you might think.

If you’re someone who prefers to lift free weights such as dumbbells and barbells or has limited space available at home, a weights bench is ideal. That’s the end of the discussion, really. They’re more variable but much less supported, so you can’t overload them as well. Weigh it up.


Although fitness enthusiasts of all abilities can use a weight bench, it’s extremely beneficial for beginners.

A good note for advanced lifters, though: a weight bench is recommended for anyone who has a squat or power rack at home, as they can assist with exercises such as the chest press and shoulder press.

A weight bench can help you with your posture when performing exercises and supporting you with your body movements. As a result, they can help target muscle groups more accurately and with better stability.

Multi Gyms

a marcy multi-gym being used by a woman

Although weight benches offer you more freedom when lifting heavy weights, multi gyms enable you to train different muscle groups, including the upper and lower body. That’s a big factor looking at the weight bench vs multigym argument due to the diverse exercises that can be achieved on this singular piece of home exercise equipment.

Goals & Limits

Multi gyms can contribute to all fitness levels and goals, including fat loss, muscle gain and body toning. They guide and support you with your posture by assisting you with exercises, an asset for beginners. This will help you lift free weights more comfortably, improving your overall fitness ability and confidence.

A multi-gym might look daunting at first, but it’s a safe piece of home gym equipment, and they’re durable. You know that you can move a large amount of weight without needing a spotter or worrying about dropping the weight. That’s a bigger risk than you might think. that’s an asset in itself


Owning a multi gym doesn’t mean that you should ignore other exercise equipment such as free weights either, though. You can use it to your advantage and perform a series of super-sets. In conjunction with other equipment like a weight bench, you can make huge progress across the board.

This is a key advantage of introducing one into your workout plan – you’re not restricted to what exercises you can do. Therefore, utilising a range of large muscle groups and completing a full-body workout.

So, to answer the question of which is better, a multi-gym or a weight bench, it falls down to your fitness goal and your personal preference. They will both help you reach your goals and build muscle along the way. Different things work for different people. Try and find what works best for you as an individual.


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