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Walking for Weight Loss

7th Jun 19

Walking is a fundamental part of life for a lot of people. It is not only a necessary practicality for many people, but it’s a very enjoyable one too, depending on why you’re doing it. One of the many benefits of walking is weight loss, and that’s what we’re focusing on here.

Walking for weight loss is actually a lot more effective than you might first think. There are a few factors that determine how it will work for you, but a lot of things stay the same.

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What To Look At

Couple walking in a field

Distance & Speed

Distance and speed: it may seem a little obvious, but it’s something you need to really think about if you’re going to use walking for weight loss. The distance that you walk has a significant impact on the number of calories you will burn doing it, and that’s a key constant here. On top of that, the speed that you go at and how consistent it is also has a huge impact. You need to find a balance between the two for the best workout, but at the end of the day, any combination is a good thing.


The time you spend exercising is another pillar of exercise success. It’s the same with exercise across the board. However, walking is not the same as other cardio exercises. Whether you are walking for five minutes or five hours, the thing that makes it different is your intent. Walking for ten minutes to your workplace won’t have an impact as significant as hiking for three hours, for example.


Last up in terms of what will affect your walking for weight loss is the frequency that you do it. Similarly to our previous point, the intent is crucial here. Take a power walk or a hike at the weekend and walk your dog every evening; you’re going to see different results. To get to where you want your weight to be, you need to take this into account. Everyone is different, and whether or not you enjoy walking in your free time rather than as a means to an end will have a huge effect too. Find what works for you, and you should still see the benefit if you do it right.

Going into more detail, there are other elements to consider if your goal is weight loss and weight management. There are different ways you can fit walking into your life, and they affect your body and your weight in different ways.


One thing you need to know about is how different types of walking have different effects on your body. Walking at an average speed is the perfect example of low-intensity steady-state cardio. It’s a good level of exercise that you can keep up for an extended period, and that’s great. LISS is one of the most effective ways to burn fat per calorie, but not the best for calories burned per minute, so you need to find the balance.

On top of the LISS option, though, you have more wiggle room to mix things up. You can add power walking or an incline to get the most out of your workout. They dramatically affect the rate you burn calories, but you might not be able to do them for as long or for the purpose you want. You need to keep that in mind before you make your choice.

Fun Ways To Walk For Weight Loss

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If you’re set on taking up walking for weight loss, the final piece of advice we’ll give you is how to do it in a way that works best for you. If you want to lose weight and make sure that you can do it sustainably, it’s a good idea to know how to go about it. Exercising in a way that you enjoy pretty much tops the list. It has to be something you can fit around your daily life and that you don’t hate. That is the only way to make it a long-term commitment!

Here are a few ways to get walking.


Why not try walking to and from work once in a while? It’s a great way to save money on fuel or transport, and it can help you kill two birds with one stone by not having to spend time exercising later in the day too. Even walking on your breaks or parking a little further away can make a big difference!


On the same kind of theme, day-to-day life admin work can be done on foot too. If you’re going somewhere over the weekend or taking the family to see friends, walking instead of using transport can be another great way to do it.


If you enjoy walking or just being outdoors in general, this might be the one for you. Hiking is growing in popularity and is a great way to get walking. You’ll probably find hidden gems even in your local area just by exploring somewhere new on foot and burn a load of calories while you’re doing it!


Walking groups are another trend that has been around for some time. Exercising in a group is a fantastic way to socialise while you exercise and keep the motivation going. There are groups all over the place if you know where to look, and you might even make new friends along the way.


This is really a shout-out to dogs in particular. If you are an avid pet lover, walking your dog is probably something you’re pretty used to. Another great way to get out and about is to take your pet with you and give them some exercise too. It’s even an excellent form of meditative exercise and can help your mental health as well.


Finally, we have to mention apps. This is extremely up-and-coming, but there are so many apps out there now for walking that you’d be surprised. They even offer you incentives as well as support a lot of the time to help you make the most of your efforts. You might even earn some rewards.

Walking to lose weight might be just the addition to the fitness you’re looking for if it’s something you enjoy. It’s well worth a thought the next time you want to get out of the house, if nothing else. Reach your fitness goals however you can and do whatever exercise you enjoy!

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