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The Boxing Workout That Will Get You Fighting Fit

21st Jun 19

Boxing is renowned for being a great sport which needs you to be at the top of your fitness game. It isn’t a new revelation, but it does mean that it can be a great way for you to get into shape too; with the right boxing workout, of course. This is where we come in. This workout really packs a punch and is a great all-round workout that will help you reach your fitness goals, pretty much across the board.

There’s a lot more to boxing than just sparring and fighting to master your technique too. We’re covering various different boxing training methods here that you can use at your own level to improve everything from speed to strength, all the while still burning fat!

It’s a solid mix of cardio and strength training to get you at your physical peak, so get ready:

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The Exercises


woman shadowboxing

Shadowboxing is becoming more and more popular in exercise routines, especially as cardio and warm-up exercises advance. You can do it at any skill level, and it requires no equipment what so ever, so it’s ideal for a quick and convenient way to exercise. You can also do it to music or set a rhythmic pattern if it helps you. That can be really motivational too.

All it requires is for you to throw a variety of punches at thin air, and to duck and weave to avoid your shadow or reflection hitting you back. This will improve your footwork and your technique while simultaneously allow you to stretch your muscles and get the blood flowing throughout your body. No impact, high intensity. The perfect way to start a boxing workout.


man skipping in a boxing gym

One of the lesser thought about boxing training methods is skipping. It’s a great way to work your cardiovascular systems and is also a fantastic way to build up your endurance, stamina, and speed, so it’s a win-win exercise. Other than performance aspects though, this type of exercise can be fantastic for weight loss too because of the huge amount of energy you need to put into it.

The good thing about skipping too is that it is extremely variable in terms of how fast you would like to be. Plus, your skill and stamina will improve rapidly, which means that you can reach your fitness goals even faster as time goes on. It’s easy to improve and a massive calorie burner. It’s hard to go wrong, and it can even be a workout of its own.

Speed Bag

man training with a speed bag whilst being timed by someone else

The speed bag is a classic staple of a boxing workout and is reasonably low impact which is always a plus. The exercise does what it says on the tin essentially, and involves you hitting the bag as fast as you can for your chosen amount of time to help you with your accuracy in technique. That has a direct impact on improving your speed and stamina at the same time, which is essential for boxing, but it can be handy out of exercise too.

As your technical boxing skill increase with your speed, you’ll burn more calories every time you workout. Even if you add ducking and weaving into the equation, you’re onto a winner.

Heavy Bag

woman punching a heavy bag

This is a little more specific and may not be for everyone due to the high impact that it involves. With that being said, it’s incredibly useful for strengthening your arms, shoulders and chest. On top of that, it gives you massive improvements in your boxing technique too.

You again can work at your own pace, and, with a variety of punches, it can even be a good way to relieve stress. Once you feel confident with the basics, you can even implement footwork into the exercise so that you are dodging the recoil of the bag or hitting different areas, which will increase the effectiveness of the exercise even further.


two men practicing sparring

It was bound to come up sooner or later, but sparring doesn’t have to be what you think. If you aren’t confident with fighting, just training with someone else wearing pads for you to hit can be fun or competitive. It is vital for a proper boxing workout to ensure that your training is transferable due to needing real-time reactions and dynamic movements. This ensures that you’re getting a full-body workout and aren’t just focusing on the punching side of the exercise.

Weight Training

woman doing push-ups

Finally, every good boxer needs the strength to be able to throw an effective punch, and you should too. You don’t need to jump on a weight bench for this, and you can tailor your choice of strength training to suit your needs, but for this workout, we are going to stick to no equipment bodyweight exercises.

A great place to start is with the classic exercises, which focus on exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, and bodyweight squats to train pretty much every muscle group in some way or another and keep your progress even and effective without much risk of damage or bad technique.

The Workout

Shadow BoxingContinuous5 Minutes
Skipping30 Seconds On, 30 Seconds Off5 Minutes
Speed Bag1 Minute On, 1 Minute Off5 Minutes
Heavy BagContinuous5 Minutes
Sparring3 Minutes On, 1 Minute Rest16 Minutes
Weight Training3×10——–

All of these exercises together make it so that you improve every angle of your fitness, from your cardio exercise right through to improving your hand-eye coordination and balance. You can adjust your training pattern to suit you, and there’s minimal risk involved. It’s good for people of any fitness level, but make sure you do take care during your workout, as injuries do still happen.

boxing range

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If you experience dizziness, nausea, chest pain, or any other abnormal symptoms, stop the workout at once and consult a physician or doctor immediately.