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​The Best Rowing Machine For Your Home Gym

11th Dec 19

Are you thinking about investing in a rowing machine for your home? Rowing is a fantastic form of exercise, providing a low impact, full-body workout that’ll improve your stamina and strength. A rower is an excellent addition to your home gym. So which will you choose?

There are three main types of rowing machines: air or flywheel, rowing machines, magnetic rowing machines, and water rowing machines. Each offers its own advantages and is a fantastic addition to your home gym. We break things down and explain the very best rower for you.

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  1. Air Resistance (flywheel) Rowing Machines
  2. Magnetic Rowing Machines
  3. Water Rowing Machines
  4. Features of Rowing Machines

Air Resistance (flywheel) Rowing Machines

Woman training on an air resistance rowing machine

Different rowers offer different types of resistance. The most common type of rowing machine is the air resistance rowing machine, also known as a flywheel rowing machine. This type of rower operates with a spinning flywheel inside a chamber, producing resistance as it hits the air.

The faster you row with a flywheel rower, the more resistance you feel. This makes it a useful device not only for cardio but also for HIIT, bicep, and back workouts. However hard you row, it comes back harder. It’s a great concept!

Magnetic Rowing Machines

The magnetic resistance rowing machine features a flywheel with magnets attached to it. When you change the resistance, you move the magnets closer or further away from the wheel, making rowing easier or harder.

As well as providing an amazing workout, magnetic rowing machines may be the best for a few unique reasons. The machine can be considerably smaller than alternative styles and be quieter. These are both important to consider when you are building your own home gym, as space will be at a premium, and you don’t want to disturb other family members.

Water Rowing Machines

Water rowing machines feature a wheel in a tank of water, which provides its own resistance.

The biggest difference to other rowing machines is that the water provides a much more realistic feeling of rowing. The water behaves in the same way it would in actual rowing, providing more resistance as speed increases. It is another quiet type of rower, which can be a real benefit.

Features of Rowing Machines

Features of rowing machines

As well as the resistance type, the style of rowing machine you choose will come down to a number of factors: budget, space, experience, and more. Some other points worth considering are:


Most rowing machines include electrical displays which offer statistics and measurements of your performance. The machine works out your pace, calorie burn and how long you have been going, helping you to set targets and achieve goals. Some rowing machines also display games to keep you engaged and can be customised to your own health goals or competitive nature!


A really important aspect of your new rowing machine is its size. Since it’s going into your home gym, it needs to be a good fit.

For example, check out how far back your seat goes and how bog the flywheel is. Also, your stroke distance may change depending on each machine, and if you’re particularly tall, you may have issues.


A folding rowing machine is a great option if you’re tight on space. These rowers are more lightweight and can be easily moved around – for instance, you might choose to row in the garden on a sunny day!

Discover the perfect rowing machine for your home gym and shop our collection at today. There’s a rower to suit every budget and ability! You can also find out about the best rowing machines of 2020 to help make your decision easier.

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