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The Benefits of Weight Training

3rd Jun 19

Weight training is an incredible thing for anyone to do. It has a host of benefits that anyone can feel. It’s effective at improving multiple aspects of your life and in numerous ways. It doesn’t matter who you are or why you’re working out; picking up weight training will bring about a range of positive changes.

Weight training has a bit of a bad reputation for some people. It seems to be a stereotype that weight training immediately leads to bulking up and becoming a towering mass of muscle, but that isn’t the case! Weight training comes with a vast array of exercises, which you can tailor to suit your own needs rather than those of a bodybuilder. Here is why you should introduce weight training in to your routine:

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  1. Increasing Functional Strength
  2. Improving Balance and Stability
  3. Preventing Injuries Through Weight Lifting
  4. Resting Energy Expenditure
  5. Wider Benefits of Weight Training

Increasing Functional Strength

Man weight training with a kettlebell

The first benefit to mention is your functional strength. You, of course, use your muscles all day, no matter what you are doing. That’s how the human body can move. One great thing about weight training is that it can make your training better, but you can see the benefits outside of it too. Activities will get easier, and you will probably even impress yourself as daily routines become more natural with your new muscle strength! Compound exercises like deadlifts, squats, bench presses and pull-ups are probably the most significant contributors to this, but anything you do will have a positive impact!

Improving Balance and Stability

Couple stretching in a park

Another awesome benefit of weight training is the increase in balance and stability. Not only are your strongest muscles getting more powerful, but so are the muscles that you use every day to stabilise yourself. Adding weights in your exercises means that your body must adapt to make sure that you don’t fall or drop the weight, and it shows. As a result, you’ll likely be able to balance more easily and feel sturdier in general, especially if you already lack strength in some areas (everybody is!).

Preventing Injuries Through Weight Lifting

Man holding his lower back

A direct result of the points above is injury prevention. Weight training is a great way to ensure that your muscles are strong enough to support your joints and bones in everyday life. This is beneficial not only to your everyday movements but also in case of an accident. It’s not uncommon to see people injuring their backs, for example, just doing generic daily activities like lifting and even exercising. Weight training gives you that added protection that other training styles just can provide. It’s also great for arthritis!

Resting Energy Expenditure

Woman relaxing at home

As you build muscle mass in your body, there’s another exciting benefit to look at. Muscle mass requires a higher caloric intake to maintain than most tissue types in your body. This means it’s excellent for your metabolism. Your resting energy expenditure rises, and that means that you burn more calories in a day just by keeping things ticking over. That can be a useful tool for you to have under your belt when you’re losing weight and trying to cut fat.

Wider Benefits of Weight Training

Man and his child being healthy

Finally, the benefits of weight training still involve the benefits of exercising in general. There are more than you know, and they range from mental health benefits to social benefits. There’s something for everyone, and you’ll likely see that as time goes on, you’re doing what’s best for your body. Your heart health improves, and so does your lung function, and there are benefits even for your brain. So find what you enjoy and make the most of it!

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If you experience dizziness, nausea, chest pain, or any other abnormal symptoms, stop the workout at once and consult a physician or doctor immediately.