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The Benefits of Rowing Machines you Never Knew

13th Mar 20

Rowing machines can be the best cardio kit you could ever want if you can make the most of their truly awesome potential, and they have more benefits than most of us realise. It’s easy to get into the mindset of all cardio being the same when it comes to equipment, but in reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Like all exercise, all exercises are totally different, albeit may share the same kind of motion, but one that really tops the lot has to be the rowing machine.

The machines are the epitome of fitness if you use them correctly, and the benefits that rowing does offer you can be up there with the best of the best. The only trouble is working out what they all are, and what that means for your fitness. No matter what your goal is, rowing machines always have something to offer your health and your training goals, and we’re here to look at why.

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High-Calorie Burn

The best place to start when looking at the awesome power of the rowing machine is the benefit that it can have on your weight management. That comes down almost entirely to the sheer calorie burn that they have to offer you, and how that affects fat loss especially.

It’s a versatile workout that can change depending on what you enjoy, and that means that it’s easy to find a way to work out that you find most effective. As a result, it can be as hard as you need it to be, maximising your calorie burn and really helping you to reach your calorific goals.

Muscles Worked

Another huge benefit of rowing machine actually comes from what makes the calorie burn so prominent but has benefits of its own too, and that’s the number of muscles that you use when you do the exercise. It’s amazing how many different muscle groups are recruited to do it.

You need your arms, your cabs, your back, shoulders, chest, upper leg, lower legs… the whole works. Just about every muscle in your body is doing something for you at some point, and that means it’s an incredible way to build up some muscle and burn calories at the same time. The result of that makes it the perfect kit for trying to tone up. The scope really is limitless.

Man training on a rowing machine

Cardio Health

One huge thing that has to be looked at with any cardio exercise is that it’s a cardio exercise, and rowing is no exception to that. Cardio is essential to good health, no matter what your fitness goals are. There’s always a reason to do it, and it keeps you truly health. Think about it.

Cardio is what helps your heart health, bone density, lung function, blood pressure… the list is endless. We have a separate article about it here but remember that rowing is still just a healthy thing to do! Add that with the two benefits above, and your rowing machine has the potential to be one of the healthiest exercise machines you could need. Both inside and outside your workouts, you should see a huge benefit.

Variable Resistance

While we’re looking at how rowing machines can be a great thing for just about anyone to use, it’s also a great time to look at what else they can do to fit anyone’s needs. That comes from the variable resistance that comes with a rowing machine.

If you buy the right type of rowing machine for what you’re going to need and make sure that it has the resistance that will let it grow with you as you progress, you have yourself a workout that can do whatever you need it to. Optimise for calorie burn, muscle building, or even stamina building.

Low Impact

While rowing does, without a doubt have the capacity to be a seriously hardcore high-intensity workout, it does also actually by nature have a relatively low impact. Because you aren’t standing and are on a moving seat, your weight doesn’t apply pressure to you joints, in particular, your knees. This can be great news for a lot of people struggling with knee or even back pain as we have already discussed.

That means that no matter if you do a HIIT or a LISS workout, you‘re still in a great place to keep your joints in the best condition possible. That alone can be a winning factor when it comes to exercise, so don’t take it lightly.

Ultimately, all cardio is great for your health, and it’s hard to find an exercise with more benefits than rowing. It’s an incredible full-body workout that anyone can do at any level they choose. It’s always worth considering for your next workout.

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