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The Awesome Benefits of Hula Hooping

26th May 21

Now, this may be the last thing you think of when it comes to losing weight and getting fit, but did you know hula hooping has some amazing benefits that other fitness accessories just don’t have? It started as a kids toy, but it’s actually an excellent workout designed to burn lots of calories and strengthen your core and back. We’re bringing you the awesome benefits of hula hooping to help you get fit and lose those pounds.

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  1. Cardio Workout with a High-Calorie Burn
  2. Good Cardio Workout
  3. Targets Abs, Hips & Core
  4. Strengthens Your Back
  5. Fun

Cardio Workout with a High-Calorie Burn

Hula hooping is an amazing cardio workout with a calorie burner as it is a constant movement for a set period of time. In 30 minutes of weighted hula hooping women can burn around 165 calories, and men can burn up to 200 calories. If you put that in perspective of how much exercise we are recommended to do in a week if you just did hula hooping you’d burn a lot of calories.

Targets Abs, Hips & Core

This one might be slightly obvious, but hula hooping targets the muscles in your abs, hips and core and helps to reduce fat there. This is because you are using all of these muscles to keep the movement going and keep the hoop in the right place. Now we aren’t saying hula hooping will give you abs, but it’s a good way to target a certain area if you want to lose weight or strengthen muscles and tone up. There really is no other piece of equipment like it!

Strengthens Your Back

man sat at his desk holding his back as if in pain

By strengthening those core muscles whilst hula hooping, you are also strengthening your back. If you suffer from backache, it could be because your core isn’t solid. Using this exercise to strengthen your core will also improve your back muscles and may even relieve those aches and pains.

Hula hooping have extra benefits for anyone who works in an office. Sitting at a desk all day can affect your back, but having a strong core can help prevent this or relieve it if you are already suffering.


Finally, hula hooping is just fun. The fact that it started as a kids toy tells you everything you need to know. It might even make you enjoy exercising if you are having trouble finding something you enjoy. So grab yourself a hula hoop and get spinning; even do it with friends if you want. You might as well enjoy yourself whilst shedding those calories and building those muscles.

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