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Setting Up a Home Gym When You Have No Space

5th Apr 19

With a rise in the importance of physical exercise and good health, having a home gym has become more and more popular in households around the world.

Having to go to the gym is just not practical for everyone – and that’s fine! But you need to find ways to keep yourself active in both the long and the short term if you intend to lead a long and healthy lifestyle that you can happily sustain.

Working out from home is another growing trend that is only helping the cause. There are so many ways you can workout without having to go to the gym, and it’s changing a lot of people’s lives for the better. Some people, however, do not have the facilities to accommodate one in their home. This doesn’t mean they have to miss out, though.

Here we have a list of equipment pieces that you can mix and match to help build your own home gym, in the way that you want it and in a place that is convenient and works for you. If your home gym isn’t practical, it defeats the whole purpose of a home gym in the first place after all.

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Foldable Equipment

Starting with some of the less conventional space savers, a lot of cardio equipment can be just what you need. There are items like exercise bikes and rowing machines that can conveniently fold away to fit into small spaces when you aren’t using them, so they aren’t taking up vital space in your home.

This is the only real way that you can get a full cardio workout in your home, so it’s worth considering!

Resistance Bands & Door Anchors

Aside from cardio, you do have a lot of other pieces of equipment that you should consider when looking at how to set up your home gym. Resistance bands are probably the most convenient equipment when you’re saving space. Storage-wise, they take up little to no room.

When it comes down to using them, they have so much more variety than you think. With the right workout, you’re set! Adding door anchors is an option to change the game even more! Awesome, right?

Dumbbells Are Your Friend

man adding weights to dumbbells

Possibly the most efficient way to workout from home or in the gym is to use dumbbells. They are renowned for their effectiveness, and they are arguably the best fitness tool out there. They can completely change the workout game and help you reach new fitness heights.

They vary in size and can even be adjustable so you can optimise your storage. There are so many different exercises for them too. You’ll never get bored!


Kettlebells share a lot of the same benefits that dumbbells do. They are small, heavy and just generally awesome. Again, they have the potential for a vast range of exercises, and they have a handle style that some people even prefer to dumbbells.

This handle style and the weight distribution that it provides means that kettlebells have a lot of advantages. It means that you can easily use them for much more explosive or plyometric movements. This is one of the best ways to make sure that your performance is at the top of its game, especially with compound exercises like swings or deadlifts.

Medicine Ball

man working out with a medicine ball

This may seem a little out there but stick with it. Medicine balls can be a great way to get your home gym to the next level by offering a new way to train outside of the conventional home gym set up. Again, they provide a unique versatility to your training that other weights can’t.

They also offer a new way to train by working out cooperatively with a friend or family member with a range of exercises you can do together! Some of the best ways that you can do these are to use passes or throws to one another, or even against a wall. Again, this is an excellent use of explosive power movements.

Pull-Up & Push-Up Bars

There are ways that you can adapt your own body weight to exercises. That way, you need less equipment and can make your space even smaller if you need to. There are many ways to go about it, but pull-up and push-up bars are often the big hitters.

Push-up bars mean you can hit your pecs from a lot of different angles to help your arms, core, chest and shoulders. Pull-up bars help you hit your upper and mid-back, your arms, abs, and even your chest. There are a lot of choices, and they are incredibly effective compound tools.

Gym Mat

man doing push-ups on a mat

The gym mat is always going to be your friend, no matter what your fitness goals are. It offers you support and versatility to workout whichever muscle group you need to safely and properly. You can use bodyweight exercises as well as weights to make sure that you’re getting the most out of them. Plus, they take up little space.

Gym mats are also suitable for doing yoga or other bodyweight exercises. Keeping yourself safe and protected during your training is vital.

Versatile Equipment & Weighted Clothing

We’ve mentioned using your body weight a few times already, we know, but it’s vital information to have. Your bodyweight can be adapted in a lot of different ways to keep your training accessible and practical for your goals and your needs, and bodyweight equipment can help you a lot.

Adding ankle weights or wrist weights to your training can help burn more calories and tone up muscle. You can take your training to the next level when you add vests to your push-ups or pull-ups. They are not one to forget about!

Overall, setting up a home gym doesn’t require an entire room dedicated to it. You can have bits and pieces conveniently located for you and still have an awesome workout whenever you want it. It’s an effective way to have a cheap home gym with a lot of potential for huge fitness progression from the comfort of your own home. Find out what works for you, and train how you’re comfortable!

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