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Is Boxing Better Cardio Than Running?

19th Feb 19

When it comes to cardio exercise, there are a lot of different ways you can go about doing it. You have all the big players, and boxing and running are possibly two of the biggest there are. They are extremely complex exercises with so much depth to them both that things can get a little confusing. They’re both incredible forms of aerobic exercise, but is boxing better cardio than running?

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Cardio Exercise

As far as cardio exercise goes, they’re two of the biggest and the best. They have proven results and are known for being incredible for you. Both of them use your whole body in some way or another, and they are encouraged by pretty much any fitness authority out there, as long as you’re keeping safe.

They burn a lot of calories too. Any exercise is good, but for two high-intensity exercises, they give incredible calorie burn. There is a lot to take into account in terms of how many calories, but as a general rule, they will both easily do the job if you put in the effort.


One of the most significant factors that you need to keep in mind when deciding between the two is the duration of your workout. It’s the same with all cardio exercise. You can do too much, too little, or anywhere in between. The average recommended amounts for one workout would be between 30 and 60 minutes if you’re looking to be able to count them as a full workout on their own, and you’ll be burning between 400-900 calories.


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boxing better cardio than running

Now, another huge factor you need to really think about is your intensity and your weight. The two things have a massive impact on the results you’re going to see. The more you weigh, the more energy you’re going to be using during the exercise. It makes sense, as you are doing more work for the same movement. This means that you need to work smart; there isn’t one rule for everyone to lose weight. Work to your own goals and your own means until you find what works for you!


The next most significant factor to concentrate on is your intensity. If you’re going for a light job, you are of course going to burn fewer calories and get a less effective workout than if you were to do a long high paced run. The same applies to boxing too. You need to find the balance, and the two have different advantages to different intensities, so it really is a lot to do with what you will be more into at the time.


Finally, before you make your decision about which is better for you personally, you need to think of exactly what you’re going to do. Variety of the exercises goes hand in hand with the intensity you are doing them. The easiest example you can think of for this is where you’re exercising. If you’re going to be running up a hill, for example, you are going to burn more calories at a slower speed because you’re working harder to move upwards. If you are boxing in a fight, you are going to be burning more calories than you would if you were training with focus pads. There are a lot of different ways to train.


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Now that you’re familiar with the benefits of each type of exercise and what it is that they can do for you, it’s a good idea to know the risks that they pose. All exercise formats do pose a risk in some way, and these two are not any more dramatic than anything else that you might do depending on how it is that you are doing them and how often.

For example, running too much is an easy way to damage ligaments rather than muscle, and easily develop one of the many factors that can be classified as runners’ knee, both in the long and the short term. On the other hand, Boxing is an impact sport, and as such, you can take a beating or suffer an accident. It is vital that you train to your ability for either, use the proper equipment, and do what is right for you.

So, is boxing better cardio than running? Overall, they are both fantastic cardiovascular exercises. They give incredible results, and they’ll make you feel better inside and out. They have very similar calorie burning rates, entirely dependent on your performance. Suppose you were to choose one that you know you are better at, than that, of course, will be the answer for you. Boxing, if you can get into it, does have some unique benefits on itself own. However, if not, running is slightly more effective if you are giving it your all and running at a constant pace for most people. This is more most people though, and not for all.

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