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How to Stick to Your Exercise & Fitness Goals

1st Dec 19

No matter when you set your fitness goals, new resolutions or anything in between, learning how to stick to them is always a smart thing to do. It’s the only thing guaranteed to keep you on track as best as possible and make sure you have a fighting chance all year round. There’s a lot of different things that you can do if you need to, so listen up and hear our advice! You may well need all the help that you can get, and you’ll thank us for it in the long run!

Whether you struggle to workout at home, in the gym, outdoors or on the track, it doesn’t matter. Fitness is fitness, and your goals have to be paramount no matter how you’re training. These are some of the best tactics we know to help you stay on the straight and narrow and have the best possible chance to stick to your fitness goals in the best time.

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  1. Track Your Results
  2. Short & Long Term Goals to Keep Motivated
  3. Keep The End Goal in Mind
  4. Write Down Your Reasons
  5. Join a Community
  6. Mix It Up
  7. Enjoy The Journey!

1.  Track Your Results

older man using a tablet

First up in sticking to fitness goals is to track them all the way through. From day 1 to day 100, make sure that you’re always taking as much information as you can to know where you’re going. If you know how you’re improving and how you’re not, that’s one of the best things you can possibly do to keep you on the right path. On top of that, you can chop and change what maybe isn’t working so well too. That way, you’re really making the most of all of your time and your effort. It’s perfect.

2. Short & Long Term Goals to Keep Motivated

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Tracking your progress is all well and good, but you need to know your destination to know how far you’ve come. We’ve already written how to set your fitness goals properly (see here), but there’s more to it than just setting a goal. Make sure that you know what you want and why so that you can get there. Think short and long term too, to make sure that you’re always heading in the right direction. Even the little wins should help to keep you pushing on and in the right frame of mind. It really does help!

3. Keep The End Goal in Mind

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One of the best possible reasons you could possibly imagine to help you stick to your fitness goals has to be through remembering what you’re doing. Think about the reason why you started this exercise plan. Why you’re in the gym, or why you bought the kit. Always remember where you want to be in the long term and how much you’re helping yourself out in the long run. Just think of all the benefits exercise has to offer and how much will change this time next year! You have got this!

4. Write Down Your Reasons

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To help you keep those fitness end goals in mind and stop the thoughts leaving your head, why not make use of the old school tricks and write them down. Whenever you feel like quitting, just have a quick read. Reading what you have written and when the way that you’ve written it can do amazing things. It can be a really useful way to relight the fire and help you push through the wall! It’s always worth it; you might just need to listen to your older self’s thoughts.

5. Join a Community

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If you are really struggling to stick to those fitness goals like all of us do sometimes, another incredible thing you can do is to help yourself by joining a group, especially in the gym. The internet and social media is home to a load of different groups for this. It’s all a part of the social side of exercising. You can join a group training for the same goals as you, share progress, motivate each other and even meet new training friends. Just talking about it and getting help and advice can be a huge booster on its own.

6. Mix It Up

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To really make sure that things don’t start to go stale in your training, we have other awesome tips to mix it up. It’s never a bad thing to do something different. Try cross-training to improve your running time. Do cardio for a week instead of isolation. Try out a new workout plan, different types of weights… Try anything you like, as long as it’s new. As long as you’re exploring new stuff, you’ll slingshot your progress and stop things getting boring too.

7. Enjoy The Journey!

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Last but by no means least in our awesome tips to keep you on track to hit your fitness goals, we’d always suggest trying your very best to enjoy the whole journey. Really make sure you’re doing exactly what you need to to keep on having fun. All of the above should help you do it but try and have fun in your training and make sure it doesn’t become a chore. That may well be the best thing you could do to boost your training.

Try any or all of these whenever you can, and you shouldn’t go far wrong. If you have any of your own, let us know!


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