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How Speed Bag Punching Can Up Your Fitness

5th Nov 19

Speed bag punching is one of the best had eye coordination exercises you could possibly try. The speed bag’s movement forces you to be reactive, improve your coordination and feet movement, and develop your sense of rhythm and precision all in one fast workout. They’re a lot more useful than most people realise, both in and out of boxing.

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Speed Bag Sizes

Before we tell you how awesome they are, it’s useful to know a little about the bags themselves. Speed bags are available in numerous sizes. Each speed bag size has its own purpose and is designed to improve different fitness goals. That’s the first thing.

The smaller speed bags are lighter in weight. They’ve been created to improve coordination, hand movements and control, as well as speed. For this reason, smaller speed bags are ideal for beginners or agility training. Once control and body movement have been achieved, you might want to consider the larger speed bags.

Larger speed bags require more power from you, as they tend to move slower than smaller bags. Due to the high levels of energy required to keep the bag in constant movement, they’re ideal for anyone looking to increase strength and improve endurance. They’re a really tough workout.

Speed Bag Benefits

man in hand wraps training with a speed bag

So now you know the difference, it’s time to look at how they can actually benefit you. Speed bag punching is a lot of work after all!

  • Improving hand-eye coordination
  • Improving feet movement
  • Improve overall control and rhythm
  • Improve endurance
  • Increase body strength

Whilst speed bag punching improves your eye-hand coordination, it also advances your boxing technique, which as a result will heighten your overall performance.

It forces you to:

Keep Your Guard Up

It’s natural for people who aren’t experienced boxers to drop their hands whilst throwing punches, but training using speed bags is an awesome cure for it. It forces you to keep your hands up.

Even on top of that, you’ll be more accurate, enduring and just a generally better all-round boxer, which is something that’s hard to pick up.

Hone Your Instincts

Speed bags can also have a positive impact on your behavioural instincts and can improve how you react to objects coming towards your face. Naturally, our automatic reaction is to blink and flinch, but regular use of the speed bag will change this behaviour.

You become more adapted and have the mental ability and confidence to react differently. To improve on your instincts, it’s important to have trust in yourself. Punching the speed bag with your eyes closed is an effective way to improve your reactions and confidence.

Improve Your Workouts!

Speed bags are a great piece of exercise equipment to train on. That’s the bottom line here. It’s vital to say too though that it’s not all in the boxing here either. Speed bag punching is even just a great workout in general too! It helps your joints, arm strength, chest and shoulder all at the same time. Plus, core strength of course.

Last but not least, it’s just an awesome way to get in some good ol’ fashioned exercise. They offer an effective cardiovascular workout, improving the health of your heart and reducing the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease.

to sum it all up, speed bag punching is an awesome way to get a workout for your mind, your boxing and your fitness all in one tiny package. Don’t write them off just because of their size.

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