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​How Pilates Can Benefit Your Workouts

19th Dec 19

Pilates is a fantastic way to exercise. It has stood the test of time, and it’s an incredibly effective way to reap a load of different benefits like improving your core strength, balance, stability, and a bunch of other stuff too. To get the most out of it, though, you need to start by learning about what it entails. There’s more to it than just a few simple stretches and hard ab exercises.

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Variable Exercise

Couple doing pilates

One of the greatest benefits of Pilates is that it’s so diverse. It can be done by just about anyone of any fitness level, ranging from first-time exercisers with little confidence to professional athletes who need that extra core work or even those who just enjoy it. It really is that varied.

Like any exercise, the exercises range in difficulty as well. It’s important that you master and reap the benefits of the basic moves before continuing on to more advanced routines. Progression is definitely achievable for anyone willing to put in a little bit of time, and your workouts will grow with your skill level.

Equipment Free

woman in bird dog pose

Another massive benefit that comes from doing Pilates is that you can do it with pretty much nothing but your bare hands. Of course, a mat is a good investment for your safety, but you don’t need any big weights or special machines to get a solid workout. It’s just your mind and body.

Whether you exercise with your own routine, a guide online or even a class or with a PT to keep you motivated and concise with what you’re doing, you can do it however you like. However, if you do need some guidance, there’s a world of resources at your disposal. You can watch videos for better technique, read books on new practises or learn with the pros. It’s all about what you know how to do.

Mental & Physical Exercise

Person concentrating during pilates

Leading on from that, the actual Pilates exercises themselves can host a wide selection of benefits too. It’s not all about strength and core work, as it may come across. The idea of Pilates shares a connection with yoga in that it’s suggested that the physical body and the mental state should complement each other and work together. That makes sure you’re doing the best for your health that you possibly can be.

The mental state idea means you can help yourself to channel thoughts and feelings that you have been experiencing outside of the exercise and deal with them in a healthy and productive way if this works for you. It’s one of the biggest ways to get the mental benefits of exercise. Add that to the physical, and you’re onto a serious push into better health.

Strength Building

Woman performing wall sits

One of the more famous, amazingly useful benefits of Pilates is still the amazing strength-building that it has to offer you. It’s a big deal. After all, it makes sense since all the exercises use various muscle groups in unison. They grow together as a result of it.

With all that being said, there’s still one area that benefits particularly, and that’s your core and midsection. Because of the core focus, it’s incredibly effective at giving muscle definition to the abdominal muscle group and helps to burn fat at the same time. With the right diet plan, you’ll see the results as well as feel them in the long run with enough work.


Woman balancing on a medicine ball as part of pilates

It’s not all about strength building in Pilates either; that much has to be said. The increased muscle from all your hard work means you have a much better centre of balance too. Even further still, you improve your posture and just about everything else that helps in preventing aches and pains too!

You generally improve your whole body in that sense. Your agility, flexibility, strength, balance and fitness all come together to give you the best overall health you can manage.

Ultimately, any exercise has a huge range of benefits, and Pilates takes things one step further. They are a hybrid of every type of exercise, and with the right workout, you can make a lot of progress towards your fitness goals. Take things steady and do your best!

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