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How Much Weight Can You Lose in 30 Days?

11th Apr 19

So many different companies and online resources preach about how you can lose a lot of weight in just 30 days. All so that you can look slimmer for your holiday or fit into that dress for the summer. But safely losing weight in 30 days is not that simple!

The whole point of these companies is to sell plans or gain attention from people who don’t have the time to lose weight properly, but it’s not safe. Here at Exercise, we dedicate ourselves to advocating for good health and fitness long term above all else. And trying to lose a dangerous amount of weight in just 30 days does not reflect that.

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Crash Diets Suck

Someone eating a single slice of cucumber and a glass of water in an attempt at losing weight

These crash or fad diets are the biggest culprits of making you do ridiculous things, like starving yourself. This will lead you down a whole path of adverse effects. They often promote substituting high-calorie foods for low-calorie foods (like all diets do), but replacing solid food with shakes, smoothies, or any other supplement is just not the right way to go about it.

Promises of losing 20+ pounds a month are not uncommon and are the most popular ways of essentially torturing yourself into unhealthily losing weight that you can’t sustain. What’s more, you will usually end up putting it back on when you stop because this is an extreme all-or-nothing lifestyle.

A lot of the weight you lose in these diets is healthy mass like muscle and water weight. This is the result of malnourishment. When you eventually quit the diet, either by simply not being capable of keeping it up or reaching your goal, you’ll soon find that all that weight comes back fast. You will soon find yourself back to square one, feeling discouraged!

Be Realistic & Healthy

Family preparing healthy foods

There are ways to do it healthily, though! When it comes to losing weight safely, there are a few things that you need to know about. Realistically, you’re looking at losing anywhere between 5 and 10lbs over a 30-day period. It’s more than achievable with a little dedication if you don’t let yourself slip up too much, and it’s very easy to sustain over a long time, too!

If you create a calorie deficit every day of around 500kcal less than the daily recommended, then you’re doing perfectly. Eating 200-400kcal under your daily intake and then exercising regularly to burn another 200-400, depending on your lifestyle, is the best way to go about it.

When you create this particular deficit, you’re allowing yourself to use stored fat as energy. By doing so, you won’t have to starve yourself or develop deficiencies in nutrients and energy! However, if you go over the top, your body will stop producing hormones like leptin, which fuels your metabolism, and you’ll essentially start running on power-saving mode, burning less fat than you would usually and slowing down everything – feeling awful while you do so.

So Can You?

Couple eating healthily to lose weight

The possibility of losing a lot of weight quickly can just be that little bit too tempting, and most people have tried it at some point in life. There is a reason they are still around, though, and that so many people try different ones. They are easy to sell, and they promise amazing results without tapping into the dangers of such a lifestyle!

In the end, they are just not possible to sustain, and they are not healthy. So we always encourage being sustainably fit. This means that health should be a consistent thing, and exercising should be implemented into your lifestyle to work for you long-term. Do things right, and you’ll be happier, healthier and burn fat in a way that you can actually manage! It’s important to always do what feels right for you. And don’t forget, 5-10lbs a month is still a lot.

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