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How Does a Vibration Plate Work?

18th Feb 19

Have you ever used a vibration plate? It’s likely that you’ve seen one at the gym, but you may not have incorporated it into your workouts. It’s useful to understand how they work and what they do so that you can make up your mind about whether it’ll be useful for you.

Woman squatting on a vibration plate

How does it work?

A vibration plate works by creating vibrations. The plate moves at varying levels of intensity, causing your body to react. This movement means that you have to compensate for what’s going on by activating twitch fibres in your muscles at a consistent and rapid rate. This occurs all over your body.

Energy usage

All of this increased muscle fibre activation has a lot of different effects on the body. You’ll be placing much more effort into the exercise without even realising, causing an increase in the amount of energy you’re using. This can seriously help out with fat loss and toning up.


To see the effects of the vibration plate, you need to be using it in your workouts. You can also use it at the end of your workouts to reduce lactic acid build up and help you with your post workout recovery. This should keep you in much better condition the days after and help to reduce DOMS.

Exercises that can use a vibration plate


Perform the squat as usual, but when you are at your lowest point, hold your contraction for double the usual time. This will cause you to really feel the burn and hit those fibres that little bit more, boosting your progress and helping you advance.

Push ups

Push ups can go either way when you’re using a vibration plate. Whether you have your hands or your feet on the plate, you are going to be hitting different muscles. The key is to go slowly and work with the plate. You will thank yourself for it in the long run and feel the benefits you didn’t even know you were missing.


Although this might not help you to build to definition for your abs, it will have remarkable effects on your actual strength. You’ll see your performance and your stability skyrockets when you start doing it. The longer you hold the move for, the better, and it’s easy to do in almost any workout. General Banner

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