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How Curling Is Played & The Importance of Training

15th Feb 22

Curling isn’t just a sport that Olympians play at the Winter Olympics. It’s a great sport that anyone can play and you can take part in for fun if you want to try something different, but it’s important to know how curling is played to make sure you do it right. And like any sport, a bit of training can go a long way when you play.

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  • How Curling is Played
  • Training Exercises
    • Mountain Climbers
    • Bent-Over Row
    • Lunges

How Curling is Played

a diagram of curling

Curling is a great sport that anyone can play and play together. Before you start, you need two teams of four, and they will take turns attempting to get their stones closest to the centre (or house) at the end of the ice. Each member of the team, the lead, second, third and skip, will each deliver two stones during the game in that order. The skips (the team captains) direct their team on each shot.

You can knock the other team’s stones away from the centre during the game. Each stone is set off down the ice at a set speed in an attempt to either reach the centre or knock the opponent off the house. Other team members will follow the stone and brush the ice to smooth the stones path, helping it reach where the team wants it to land. An ‘ end ‘ is complete when all sixteen stones have been delivered. The team will score one point for each stone which is closer to the centre than the other teams, but only stones touching the house can count.

This doesn’t mean that team has lost, though, as a game of curling usually lasts around 2 hours and is made up of as many ‘ends’ that can fit into the time frame. It does, however, mean that the winner of the last end plays first in the next end. The team that has won the most ends wins the overall game.

Training Exercises

Like any sport, some training or exercise can help improve your game and prevent injuries. So we’ve gathered a few of the best exercises for you to do at home to help you become the best at curling you can be.

Mountain Climbers

woman doing mountain climbers

Mountain Climbers are the perfect exercise to build many muscles at once. In curling, sweeping requires a strong core, arms and back. This is so that you can get your stone to land exactly where you want it to whilst also keeping you upright on the ice. You don’t want to be tiring halfway there. By practising mountain climbers regularly, you will strengthen your core, back, arms and legs to help you deliver some seriously powerful sweeping.

And if you really want to push yourself, add a push up between each set of mountain climbers.

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Bent-Over Row

man doing bent over rows on a weight bench with dumbbells

The bent-over row is another great exercise to improve your sweeping. Adding bent-over rows to your workout can help you develop a strong push sweep and a strong pull sweep. When sweeping, the broom requires you to keep pressure on it at all times. But with a pull sweep, you could find yourself transferring your weight back to your feet to maintain balance and lose that power in your sweeping motions.

Bent-over rows will strengthen your arms to help you put as much power behind your pull sweeping as possible. You’ll also find these help to increase your sweeping speed. Not to mention it mimics the sweeping position, allowing you to strengthen the muscles that hold your body in the right way.

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man and woman doing lunges at the gym

Sweeping and throwing utilise the upper body, but your lower body needs some strength to get into position repeatedly. Doing lunges will help strengthen your core and lower body to help you get into position with ease and maintain that position throughout the game. This will help improve your throwing technique as you can hold position and use your legs for strength. It will also help with sweeping by reducing the risk of overuse injuries in the lower body.

*Video linked above can be used with the equipment shown or not.

You might not be training for the Olympics, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be the best in your team. Now you know how curling is played, it can have significant social and mental benefits. Spending time with new people and doing something fun is a great way to get fit. And adding these exercises to your workout can make you one of the best.

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