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​The Horrifically Hard Halloween Workout

31st Oct 18

First of all, happy Halloween to everyone! And just in case you weren’t already scared, we thought we’d give you this disturbingly difficult Halloween themed workout for you to scare yourself into shape!

It’s always easy to lose motivation over festive periods, especially when there is a lot of unhealthy food going around as the holiday calls for, so incorporating themed workouts like this can really help to keep you on the right track and still have some of the Halloween spirit you need.

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Skull Crushers

Skull crushers are a great tricep workout, and they’re not actually as scary as they may sound! Simply lie flat on a bench with a barbell in front of you with extended arms, and as you relax in the motion, create a right angle at your elbow and bring the bar to your head, before extending it back upward using only the triceps.

This is a useful isolation exercise and is very good for gaining strength and size of the triceps depending on the weight you choose to use. Make sure you keep your elbows tight and close to your body to reduce flare and keep the focus on the triceps, even when it gets difficult.


woman and man doing deadlift

One of the most infamous exercises there is the deadlift and it’s more than earned its place in the Halloween workout. A naturally scary name with no pun required making you lift large amounts of weight using your legs and back, or your posterior chain, if you’re more clued up.

Grip the bar as hard as you can and extend your legs quickly and push your hips forward to lift the weight properly and safely. Your back should be straight at all times to prevent hurting yourself, and your head up looking forward. This is not an exercise you want to get wrong!


Is it even a workout if we don’t throw in something for the people’s favourite, the abs? Wood chops succeed the old-timey way of gathering firewood and are now just a great exercise for getting a better core, who’d have guessed?

The exercise is fairly simple and doesn’t even require you to wield an axe anymore which is always good. With both hands on one dumbbell, and bringing it up over your shoulder, before bringing it back down in one swift diagonal line. Do both sides, of course, otherwise this may be a little one-sided, but your obliques will really thank you for it.

Goblin (Goblet) Squat

woman doing a goblin squat

Every themed workout needs a pun at least somewhere in it, so here’s ours. The goblin squat is a really effective squat technique to work your upper leg muscles and allows you to add some extra weight to your squat too, whilst staying safe.

Hold a dumbbell in front of you, and perform the standard squatting technique, keeping your feet flat on the floor and lowering yourself until you can’t go any further. You’ll thank yourself for it later on!

The Halloween Workout

So, those are the most aptly named exercises we could procure for this Halloween workout, so what makes it so horrifically hard? Well, that’s where the high-intensity workout comes into play.

The idea of the workout is that this is going to be done in rounds, and you’re only allowed to rest for as long as you work for, even if you fail halfway through. The intensity of the workout means that it combines strength and cardio like energy at the same time. We know, it’s mean, but hopefully, it will be a lot of fun, and you can even turn it into a party game if that works for you!

So, here it is in its final form…

Perform each of these exercises for 45 seconds, performing as many repetitions as you can in that time.

Once you’ve done this, you’ve earned yourself a 45-second rest, well done!

But do it again…and again… and another 2 times after that, giving you 5 rounds of chillingly challenging high-intensity workout for you to enjoy and endure.

Remember though, if you fail at any point, you only rest for as long as you worked for!

Good luck and have fun, and make sure you don’t push yourself a little too far in all the excitement!

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