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​The ‘Plankenstein’ Halloween Workout Challenge

30th Oct 18

It’s that time of year again when the Halloween theme is everywhere, so why not take the fun into your exercise too? Introducing: The Plankenstein Halloween Workout Challenge. It’s not too difficult, we promise, although it might prove a bit challenging depending on your planking ability prior to this.

The plank itself is a fundamental core exercise practised by people throughout the ages and renowned for its success. It can even be a test of core strength in some cases, especially with added difficulty variations or with the addition of excess weights. With all that in mind, we thought it’s just the perfect thing for a workout challenge!

So, without further ado, the Plankenstein Halloween workout challenge…

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The Plankenstein Halloween Workout Challenge Exercises

Standard Plank

We’ll start off our Halloween plank workout challenge with the basics; the standardised plank. Simply lay with your body facing the floor and put your body weight onto your flat forearms and your toes, creating a perfectly straight line from your heels to your neck. Face your head forward rather than downwards, and hold that pose!

Side Plank

This is where we begin to spice things up a little bit. The side plank is going to involve you shifting your weight onto one hand and one foot of the same side, pointing your other arm directly upwards. This, of course, is one-sided, so make sure you do both sides for the same amount of time to keep things even!


This is where things start to get a bit tricky. The walking plank uses the same sort of form as the standard plank, however, has a twist. A very difficult twist at that. Instead of remaining stationary, you need to move sideways, return to centre, and then go to the other side.

This should be done as many times as possible within the intended time restraint, however, that is down to the difficulty you were intending to experience. The plankenstein Halloween workout challenge has no mercy after all.


The crawling plank is again scaling up in difficulty from the previous. However, it is potentially the best possible plank variation for your abs in general. The idea is based around the movement of moving your arms forward in alternating movements while keeping your feet fixed in the position they started in.

This should only be done as far as you can take it without losing good general plank form. However, this exercise will still really push you to the limit. Like the walking plank, this should just be done and reversed as many times as possible within the time constraints of the challenge.

Bird Dog

The bird dog is a pose both in and outside of the planking world, but still definitely deserves a place on the Halloween workout challenge. It is centred around the standard plank (and is stationary this time, don’t worry), but it does still pose a huge challenge.

You need to actually raise one arm for this challenging plank pose, and by doing so, rest your upper body weight on the one arm. To make matters worse here, extend the opposite leg to the raised arm backwards as well. This means you will have to work hard to keep yourself balanced for this one, but it should round things off nicely. Don’t forget to switch sides too!

The Workout

Overall, the challenge should be done following the template of planking for 60 seconds, followed by a 60-second rest before immediately beginning the next plank variation. Have fun!

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