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Exercises That Can Help Improve Diving

21st Jul 21

Diving is a sport that involves jumping off of a diving board and into a swimming pool whilst trying to put yourself into different positions to perfection. It is also something that anyone can do, but to practice diving at a professional level takes a lot of work and training.

We’ve put together some exercises that can help improve your diving skills. Just make sure you train with an instructor to avoid causing any injury.

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little girl swimming with a float in a pool (diving sport)

First up is swimming. You might think this is obvious, but most diving takes place on a board and in the air. Being able to swim and do so confidently puts you in a good position before you even start learning to dive. Of course, you won’t hit the water perfectly every time, so you need to be happy that if you hit the water slightly off, you’ll still be able to swim back to the edge of the pool.


man doing push ups to increase strength for diving - sport

Strength training outside of the pool is vital too. Your muscles need the training to take the impact of the water, but you also need to be strong enough to twist your body in the air into the required positions. Toning exercises like dumbbells, weight benches and even bodyweight exercises like sit-ups are perfect for strengthening and toning your core, arms and legs. Your core is probably the most important area, as a strong core allows you to form those positions easier.

Trampolining & Gymnastics

girl doing gymnastics in an arena in front of a crowd (diving sport)

Finally, we have trampolining and gymnastics. Away from a diving board, diving is very much like gymnastics. Being flexible will allow you to fully perfect those different diving positions in the air after you have jumped but on the safety of dry land. Perfecting them puts you in a better position for preventing injury when you try it on a diving board. Trampolines also give you a similar effect to jumping off of a diving board. Using a trampoline allows you to really get to grips with the technique needed to dive properly and professionally.

Diving is an amazing sport and a fun one to do if you are just after some exercise. If your local leisure centre has diving boards, they will have a few different heights to allow you to gain confidence in your own time. So head down there and get practising. Who knows, you could be the next Tom Daley!

For more information, try the BBC website!

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