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Does Boxing Give You Toned Arms?

5th Mar 19

A common question that comes up when we talk about boxing is can it give you toned arms. There are a lot of arguments for both sides from different people’s experience, but there is a lot more to it than may meet the eye. Boxing is a great full-body workout, and specifically, when looking at punching, it does do great things for your arms, but toning them is deeper than that.

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The general idea of getting toning is a lot more than just having some more muscle definition. Once you look at the actual definition of toning, it becomes more apparent that you need to be losing fat and building muscle to make the most of your efforts while still reaching this magical middle ground. There is more to it than just which exercise will give you the best results though.

Fat Burning

Boxing is an incredibly effective cardio workout that goes without question. No matter which aspect of boxing training you’re using, you will be putting your body through some real hard work, which is great for your cardio system. This means that it’s great for burning fat, which is of course what we want.

The bad news, however, is fat loss can’t be targeted from any one particular area. It will result in you losing some fat from around your arms and helping you get toned up, but it will also do the same for every other part of your body too. There are no quick fixes in fitness.

Improving Performance

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So, looking at the other side of toned arms, you’ll need to be building up muscle in your training. Boxing is an effective way to build up muscle in your body, but only to a certain extent. As your spar or use a heavy bag in your training, you’re essentially giving your arms a resistance workout. This is good for getting toned, but only to a certain extent.

You will quickly reach a point where you aren’t actually going to build up any muscle from boxing anymore. To build muscle, you need to be continually pushing your body to do more significant feats, rather than just conditioning it to be able to do the same things but better.

So does boxing help tone your arms? Yes. Is it enough? Maybe not. Boxing will help you to lose fat and to build muscle to an extent, but probably not enough for you to get toned up, and especially not any time soon. You’d need to be training constantly for any effect. The best thing you can do is add some arm weight training exercises into your workouts so that you are slingshotting your progress and cutting your calorie intake so that you are burning as much fat as possible. This is the only real way it can happen, or start a good upper body toning plan.

Find the balance and don’t go too over the top and you will get toned arms, especially using boxing for your cardio training. It’s actually on par with running in a lot of ways, with very few exercises out there actually able to beat in in terms of calorie burning.

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