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Davina X-Folding Exercise Bike

9th Sep 21

When it comes to shopping for an exercise bike or fitness equipment, everyone has requirements and things to consider. You have to think about space, your budget, if something is reliable and if you are getting your money’s worth. You might even try something smaller and cheaper to get yourself started and move up as you progress. An important thing to remember though is that not everyone has space and money for a big piece of equipment. That’s where the Davina folding exercise bike comes in.

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Key Features

davina mccall on her folding exercise bike

The Davina folding exercise bike was designed with space, comfort and affordability in mind. Its x-frame means that when it isn’t in use, the bike can be folded up small and tucked away so as not to take up space in your home. This is perfect for anyone with kids or a small house or flat where space is vital to everyday living. And with no plug to power it, you don’t have to be tied to using the bike where there is a plug socket.

Being small and space-saving must mean it doesn’t have the features of other bikes, though, right? Wrong! The Davina folding exercise bike still comes with all of the major features most other exercise bikes have. The battery-powered LCD screen displays speed, time, calories and distance whilst still being easy to use and also registering your pulse through the handles. And with 8 resistance levels, you can work on building up your endurance at your own pace over time.

Finally, the bike’s seat is padded and large so that you still get maximum comfort during your workout. It has 7 different seat heights so the whole family can make the most out of it. And did we mention it comes in 3 lovely pastel colours, so you can fit it into your home decor or just pick your favourite.

Extra Features

If you really want to take your workout to the next level, you can sign up for the Davina McCall Own Your Goals app. Available with a 14-day free trial, you can get on-demand workout classes with Davina McCall and her team of trainers to help you reach your goals. There’s plenty to choose from; workouts with equipment or without, workouts of different lengths to suit your time and guidance on nutrition and well-being. Join a community of people aiming for similar goals, and the app can provide you with support throughout your fitness journey. Plus, you can cancel anytime, so you aren’t tied into long contracts and paying out a lot of money every month if you don’t want to be.

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