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The Best Daily Stretches to Keep You in Shape

14th Feb 20

Daily stretches are something that millions of people do, even without knowing it. It’s proven to be an amazingly effective way to keep you healthy. If you think about it, that’s not hard to believe either. It helps your circulation, flexibility, and muscle health… it’s just a great thing to do.

To make sure you’re getting the most that you possibly can out of such a simple exercise, however, there are some that are better than others. When it comes to daily stretches, you need only the best, after all (you don’t want to be there all day!).

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Overhead Stretch

Person stretching getting out of bed

The overhead stretch is a great place to start and is likely already something you do as soon as you wake up in the morning. It is, after all, the iconic morning stretch that has been seen in films and TV shows since they began.

It’s just putting your arms straight up in the air (and probably yawning) to stretch your entire frontal and rear torso from top to bottom. That’s perfect for helping you to relax and limber up. It’s usually not even something you do consciously, but as long as you’re doing it somewhere, it’s a good stretch.

Deltoid & Tricep Stretch

Person stretching

Instead of just doing generalised stretches randomly on a daily basis, it’s important to hit specific groups too. You have to make sure that you’re doing your best in the long run. The shoulder and arm flexor is a perfect example of that and another hugely iconic stretch that is seen constantly. Of course, you probably already do this throughout your day already, too (but just in case…).

To do it, you must push your arms straight outwards in front of you and add some slight pressure to squeeze your hands together and reach the optimum extension. This will ensure that your front deltoids, upper chest and arms are stretched!

Chest Stretch

Person stretching their chest muscles

Chest-specific stretches are not quite as common as the others have been so far. However, the chest flexor is still popular in the exercise world, so you’ll likely have seen it somewhere. It definitely earned its place in the qualifying for recommended daily stretches.

You need to stretch one side at a time for this stretch, so really concentrate on your form. You need to extend your left arm outwards and to your right whilst hooking underneath with your other arm and pulling it to its maximum extension. Don’t forget to repeat with the other arm to avoid imbalances.

Trunk Twists

Person stretching their core

Trunk twists are a great way to stretch out your lower back and your hips safely without having to risk any injuries from some less natural positions. It may look like something from an aerobics class, but around 8 of these should really give you some added flexibility and protect your back from a surprising injury. It’s an easy move with so many benefits. They may even deserve a place on our guide to saving your lower back.

All you need to do is sit or stand upright with your arms out slightly to whatever angle is best for you and twist your core 90 degrees to the left, back, and right. This simplistic movement should be taken easily, though. The last thing you need is to push yourself too far and injure yourself or too fast and fail to actually get a good stretch.

Hamstring Stretch

Person stretching their hamstring

Your hamstrings may not be the first muscles to spring to mind when you’re thinking about properly stretching for general health rather than performance, but they get used a lot more than you might think. Even just walking around can pose a risk if you do something drastic. On top of that, they’re awesome for boosting flexibility too, and that’s always worth having.

The most logical way to stretch them is to lay flat on your back and extend your leg before pulling it towards them to maximise muscle contraction. This is one of the less practical stretches that you need to be at home for ideally; however, you’ll quickly find what suits you best.

Quad Stretch

Person stretching their Quad

The final stretch before getting on with your day is for your quads, the front of your legs, to ensure you’re both balanced and flexible for your day. It’s also one of the more common yet practical stretches for your legs, which is always a plus.

To do this on, you simply need to bend your knee backwards and try to touch your heel to your glutes, hold for a second or two, and repeat with the opposite leg. This should help prevent any tightness and get the blood flowing to your legs, so it’s a good idea to use it before you go out for the day or after sitting for a while.

Ultimately, getting into a habit of stretching daily is never going to be a bad thing.

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