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Cost-Effective Ways to Set Up a Home Gym

23rd Jul 19

Having a home gym is continually growing in popularity due to its cost-effectiveness and long-term practicality. Home gyms are convenient to daily life in a way that traditional gyms are just not, and more importantly, home gyms don’t have to cost as much as you might think.

It’s a big decision. There are so many benefits to a home gym, ranging from convenience to hygiene, confidence and personalisation. But what about the price of starting up a home gym in the first place?

This is one of the main reasons why setting up a home gym seems incredibly daunting. But it doesn’t have to be as nightmarish as you may think. You can purchase most of the equipment that you see at the gym online or otherwise. That gives you the freedom to decide how you want to work out and what tools you need to achieve your goals!

You can take many different routes when it comes to setting up your home gym, even while being cost-aware, and we are here to talk you through a few possibilities. Hopefully, this article will help you decide what’s best for you!

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Home Gym Equipment Costs

The cost of a home gym varies massively depending on the equipment you want in it. To decide what that is, you need to know your options.


Although they may cost more than other equipment, multi-gyms can be very useful for working every possible muscle group in your body. The variety is huge for what they can offer you, and they could even save you money since they do so much.

Another bonus is the array of choices you have when browsing all of the different types of multi-gym on the market at the moment. Each one tends to have a unique setup that enables you to customise what you can do. As we said, though, they do have a higher price than most other equipment, but they do more too.

Weight Benches

Benches are another diverse piece of home gym equipment due to the range of motions they allow you to perform, and all fairly naturally. If you already have other accessories, such as the weights mentioned earlier, this will enable you to work your chest and arms in ways many other home methods couldn’t.

They vary in price and features, so make sure you get the one that will suit you and your needs. To keep the cost of your home gym as low as possible, look at options that include free weights in the sale too. That’s just our advice.

Power Racks & Smith Machines

For those who are more advanced or heavier lifters, these may be the way forward for you. Power racks and smith machines are big, versatile and perfect for doing big lifts safely, even in your living room. Some can even fold up for storage if you’re tight on space.

Home Gym Accessory Costs

Resistance Bands

Man training with resistance bands

Resistance bands, for example, are an extremely cheap way to begin your home gym at a low cost. They are by far one of the most variable tools in your home gym too. You can do a huge range of exercises for just about any muscle group and still feel the benefit after. They’re seriously underrated!

Some of the most beneficial exercises you can perform with bands are bicep curls, bent rows, raises, and even squats. It all depends on the type of band you choose, but you’re definitely not short of choice.


Weights are another cost-effective way to exercise in your home gym. They are far cheaper than buying a full weight-lifting machine! You can even purchase a bench with free weights included if you want more variety in your weights.

With these weights, you can use a barbell or dumbbell to carry out anything from deadlifts and shoulder presses to bent-over rows and barbell curls, all to whichever weight is right for you to progress effectively.


Woman exercising using her body weight instead of equipment

This is the most obvious way to exercise at home for almost no money. Even with no equipment at all, bodyweight exercises can be beneficial in exercising efficiently. You can work on most muscle groups and make it even more effective by adding any equipment you have.

Just with a tiny budget and a couple of basic accessories, bodyweight exercising can add awesome results to any fitness goal. Bodyweight allows you to incorporate various muscle groups with the correct exercises, like press-ups, squats, pull-ups and bodyweight squats!

Kettlebells & Dumbbells

Free weights take all of these points even further. Kettlebells and dumbbells are both reasonably low in price and can be incorporated into other workout routines and even in unison with other pieces of equipment.

All you need is some good workouts, and you’re on your way. Like all of the equipment, they vary in price, but your home gym’s worth can really make a huge impact. Don’t forget about them!

Ultimately, your home gym’s cost will depend a lot on what you need and what you are training toward. All equipment has its advantages and disadvantages, but thinking ahead will keep things cost-effective. Plan for the long term and get more weight than you need for growth. Other than that, it’s all dependent on you.

Good luck!

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