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Can You Get A Six-Pack From Doing Sit-Ups?

30th Apr 19

Ab training is a complex subject, but it’s a popular way to exercise, so it’s good to talk about it. Most ab-related questions – and trust us, there are a lot! – are centred around how to get to a six-pack. This is actually a very popular fitness goal, and amongst people who are training very differently! Getting a six-pack, however, isn’t just a case of working out.

Sit-ups are possibly the most popular ab exercise there is. It’s something people seem to just know about, and it’s the go-to ab builder. It does what it’s meant to do, and as a generic ab exercise, it is a useful tool to have. A six-pack from sit-ups alone, however, may not be as easy to obtain as you think.

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The muscles

woman and man performing a sit-up

First, a good starting point to look at is how sit-ups affect your abs. They target your upper abs more than anything, as your lower abs are stationary throughout the movement. This is where you’ll build up most muscle in your abs, and therefore you’ll see the most significant size increase. That’s important for building up your abs, don’t get us wrong, but it’s not enough.

When you look at a six-pack, you will notice that your abs are split into three sections. You have your upper, lower, and mid abs. They are all affected differently by different exercises, and you need to be hitting them all equally if you want a good, solid six-pack. There is a lot of variety for each, and a lot of exercises do cross over. Find which ones work best for you!

Toning up

Even more important than choosing an exercise, it’s vital to know the other side of the coin. Toning up anywhere on your body relies on the same principle. To be able to see muscle definition, you need to have a low percentage of body fat. Body fat will cover up your muscle, and that’s what you’ll see first. The lower the level of fat, the more muscle you can see.

You need to ensure that you’re eating right if you want to tone up. If you’re doing 100 sit-ups a day and then going straight to a terrible diet after, it’s just not going to happen. Abs really do take a lot of dedication, and your diet may be more important than your ab exercises overall. After all, people have been saying abs are made in the kitchen for years, and it’s for a reason.

Overall, ab exercises are plentiful, and you should always mix up your training. One exercise alone is rarely enough to build up a muscle to its full potential. On top of that, things get dull after a while. Spice things up with a full ab workout! In reality, definition isn’t everything, and your abs are only one piece of the puzzle. Your core makes up most of your strength, so build it all equally for true strength and better definition. More importantly, make sure that you are eating well!

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