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The Awesome Benefits of an Air Resistance Assault Bike

5th Nov 19

Cardio exercise is an excellent thing to do. It has a massive range of benefits (like these), and there are tonnes of different ways to do it. You can do anything, from running in the park through to rowing in your living room. It’s hard to go wrong. If you want to really up the game though, there are few things out there that can beat the air resistance exercise bike, or the assault bike, as it’s more often referred to.

These absolute pinnacles of cardiovascular exercise are one of the best ways you can get a full-body workout form your own home. No matter if you want to take it easy and go for a long LISS workout or change the game completely and have one of the hardest HIIT workouts of your life, the air resistance assault bike is an awesome way to do it.

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Full Body Workout

woman in the gym on a bike

The most significant benefits of an assault bike are easily how effective it is as a workout. The design behind it means that you’re getting one of the best workouts that you possibly can. You’re using both your upper and lower body at the same time at the same intensity, and that’s awesome for a range of goals.

Using multiple different muscles means you’re getting even more cardio than you might have been expecting. You’re using pretty much every muscle in your body as the motion changes, and that means you’re getting an awesome calorie burn plus seeing way more of the benefits cardio has to offer at the same time.

Variable Resistance

man in the gym on an assault bike

Another impressive feature of assault bikes is how the variable resistance can benefit your training. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, be healthier or tone up, a variable resistance means you can reach your goals as efficiently as possible. You can completely change up your workouts to make sure you’re doing what will be best for your training in the long and the short term.

If you crank the resistance up to full (good luck!), you’ll immediately see it’s near impossible. The higher you go, the harder you work. The shift changes from a long, light cardio workout to a hardcore strength builder, and that’s perfect for getting lean. (lean muscle burn more calories even when resting, it’s awesome for toning and weight loss).

Variable Positioning

woman training on an assault bike

Not only does the assault bike have variable resistance, but you can change the position of it to maximise all of these benefits again. We don’t mean you can change locations, which you could if you wanted to, but actually how you position yourself on the bike too.

The easiest way to do it is to change the seating position. The seat is adjustable in height to help you change where you are putting most of your effort and make things as effective or as comfortable as you need them to be, no matter what the workout is. That’s a tough thing to get when you look at other cardio machines out there. On top of that, you have standing or sitting options to really take things up a notch. They are way more versatile than they get credit for.

Easy to Use

woman in the gym on an assault bike

The last benefit we’ll look at is how easy assault bikes are to use. Despite all of these awesome benefits, they still keep things nice and simple. You get on, you go for it, you get off. The variable resistance is always just a twisting dial, and other than that, it’s just another bit of exercise kit.

Overall, they do just what you need them to do, and that’s a massive part of what makes them so incredible. They’re easily one of the best workouts you can get (with stuff like this too), and no matter what your goal is, they have a place in your workout.


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