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7 Burpee Variations

29th Mar 19

When done correctly, the burpee is one of the most effective and efficient exercises out there. Did you know there are burpee variations? These alternatives to the classic burpee will continue to boost your heart rate and get the blood pumping whilst building your muscle.

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  1. Standard Burpees
  2. Mountain Climber Burpees
  3. Push Up Burpees
  4. Renegade Burpees
  5. Tuck Jump Burpees
  6. Step Up Burpees
  7. Box Jump Burpees
  8. Full Burpee Workout

Standard Burpees

woman performing a burpee outside

The first move in the workout is, of course, the standard burpee. This original burpee variation is proven to be one of the most effective exercises you can do. Stand with your feet apart, lower your body into a squat, then place your hands on the floor, shifting your weight onto them. Jump your feet back, landing on the balls of your feet in a plank position. Now jump your feet back into the crouch position, then jump back up to an upright position, before lowering immediately back into the squat to repeat.

Mountain Climber Burpees

The first of our burpee variations is the mountain climber burpee. Just add two mountain climbers into the exercise once you’ve landed in the plank position. This provides a serious anaerobic workout, getting your heart rate up quickly whilst giving your abs a good session.

Push Up Burpees

A push up burpee is more strength focused than other burpee variations. Once you’ve hit the plank position, perform a full press up. Then get back into the burpee. One push up per burpee will ensure your arms don’t fatigue too quickly and keeps your speed up.

Renegade Burpees

The last upper body burpee variation of the workout includes a renegade row. When you’re in the face-down position on the floor, instead of immediately jumping, pull your arm back until your hand is in line with your chest, and lower again before repeating with the other arm. This will cause your lats and mid-back to contract, giving you that extra burn.

Tuck Jump Burpees

Here’s a burpee variation that focuses on your legs. Start with a tuck jump when you jump in the air, so you are bringing your knees as high as possible to your torso. Once you’ve landed, get back into the burpee – and repeat.

Step Up Burpees

For this burpee variation, instead of explosively contracting your legs to throw your body upwards from the floor, focus on each leg individually. Rather than hopping though, you need to jump up onto a bench or something elevated, hold for a second, and then drop yourself down straight back into the exercise. This will mix things up from the other variations and really hit your legs hard.

Box Jump Burpees

Finally, we have the box jump burpee. This is probably the hardest burpee variation of all. The plyometric force that comes from you contracting your muscles so rapidly to jump means your lower body is pushed to the limit. Jump as high as you can on the upward motion, so that you can scale the box size of your choice, and bounce straight back into the exercise.

Full Burpee Workout

The 7 burpee variations can be very taxing and this full burpee workout will be a challenge for anyone, no matter your fitness levels. But if you’re feeling up to it, why not give it a go?

ExerciseTime on (seconds)Time off (seconds)Rounds
Standard Burpee30452
Mountain Climber Burpee45452
Push Up Burpee60452
Renegade Burpee45452
Tuck Jump Burpee30452
Step Up Burpee45452
Box Jump Burpee60452


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