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5 Resistance Band Exercises for 2022

24th May 22

The resistance band; known for helping people get fit but also known for quite a few embarrassing internet videos. The fact that they are known for not being the most straightforward piece of equipment to use puts a lot of people off, but in reality, they are one of the most versatile ways to workout (when done correctly).

They have so many benefits, from being space-saving to providing a fantastic strength workout without the need for any other equipment. In most cases, the exercise you are doing is already a great bodyweight exercise, and you can add a resistance band to help push yourself further. So we’ve put together the five best exercises you can do with any resistance band at home or the gym.

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  1. Hammer Curl
  2. Push-Ups
  3. Leg Pull Apart
  4. Glute Kickback
  5. Plank

1. Hammer Curl

man doing hammer curls with a resistance band at an outdoor gym or park

Hammer curls are one of the best arm exercises you can do with a resistance band. First, you need to anchor the band either to something behind or below you (as in the image above), or you can stand both feet on the bottom of it to keep it in place. Then it’s just a matter of pulling the band upwards with your hands, bending at the elbow, to work the muscle.

This can either be done one arm at a time or both together, and you can get different strength resistance bands meaning you can progress no matter what fitness level you’re at.

2. Push-Ups

woman doing push ups with a reistsnace band over her shouders outside

Push-ups are great bodyweight exercises that work the arms, legs and core. Now add a resistance band to the mix, and you’re looking at the ultimate full-body exercise. Wrap the resistance band around your shoulders, with each end wrapped firmly around your hand, and push up into the band.

This will add more weight to the exercise than just your body weight, and again, as you improve, you can move up weights to keep pushing yourself further.

3. Leg Pull Apart

woman at the park doing leg pull aparts with a resistance band

Let’s not forget the legs. The leg pull-apart is a great way to simultaneously strengthen your calves, thighs, and glutes. Again, the exercise is a great one to be done alone, but by adding a resistance band to the exercise you’re adding weight that wasn’t there before and making those muscles work harder.

Just stand within the resistance band, raise your leg to the side, and back down. Do this a few times on each leg to build up the strength in those muscles. And as you improve, you can increase the weight of your resistance band.

4. Glute Kickback

woman at home doing a glute kickback with a resistance band

Next up is the glute kickback. Start on your hands and knees, and use one hand on the ground to anchor an end of the resistance band and hook your foot on the same side into the other end. Raise the leg up and back, stretch it out fully, and lower it back to the ground. Do this a few times and then swap to the other leg.

Like all of the exercises so far, this exercise works well without the band, but adding one allows you to work your way up the weights and progress at your speed.

5. Plank

woman at home doing a plank wth a resistance band around her ankles

Finally, we have the plank, the ultimate core strengthener. With this one, you can use the resistance band in 2 places. Option one is to do the same as the push-ups and have the band across your shoulder to add the extra weight onto your arms. The second option is to put it around your ankles with your feet set apart and stretch the band tight, meaning you add the extra weight to your legs instead.

Either option works, and you might want to alternate between the two. Either way, you will see your progress most with this exercise as you work your way up the different weights and hold the position longer each time.

There you have it; our five resistance band exercises for 2022. So grab yourself some bands and give them a go; you might even find that you enjoy the extra challenge. And for our best resistance band deals, check out our recommended products below or shop the full range!

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