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5 Key Fitness Tips to Start Getting & Keeping Fit

12th Mar 20

Fitness is not an easy thing to get into and is an even harder thing to keep up for many of us. It takes up a lot of time and a lot more effort, and that can just be too much of an inconvenience for a lot of people. To help you in your fitness journey, we’ve come up with these 5 key fitness tips to help you be fit, happy, and reach your goals from start to finish. On top of that, they help keep it up in a healthy and sustainable way that you can actually enjoy, too!

Each of these has its own unique benefits and helps in both the long and the short term. That’s something that a lot of resources can’t offer. Remember them early on in your training and down the line too. They’re not things you should be forgetting!

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Tip 1. Set a Clear Long-Term Goal to Focus On

Notebook showing a workout plan

Getting started in the first place is the biggest hurdle for a lot of people. Getting into a solid routine or even finding the time in your day to be able to do it is often one of the biggest parts of the struggle. It takes a lot of will power after all, and it can be intimidating too, no matter what you choose to do.

Planning ahead, however, is one of the best ways to help deal with that. You’re essentially removing the fear of the unknown from the situation. A great way to help yourself get the ball rolling is to set a clear and achievable long-term goal that you would be happy to reach and feel satisfied with. Don’t set anything too unrealistic as this can actually demotivate you when you struggle to reach it. Knowing what you want and when, is a fantastic way to get going!

Tip 2. Create Short-Term ‘Monthly’ Achievable Goals

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Whilst you work to your long-term goal, another great tip to be fit is to set yourself smaller and much more attainable monthly goals too. Make sure they’re realistic, but pick a few to work with. They help feel happy with your hard work every month and actually see the progress you are making. That keeps you on the right track too!

These goals can be anything from going up to the next weight in your dumbbell training exercises to losing a specific amount of weight. This doesn’t just mean you’re happy when you achieve it, but also you know they are realistic so that the next goal will be too. That’s amazing for keeping up the motivation that’s so essential to keeping fit and sticking to your goals.

Tip 3. Don’t Expect Too Much Too Soon

Spin bike class

This fitness tip is a lot like the last but in reverse. It’s vital that you remember this at all times, and especially when you try something new. One of the most common issues that people have is setting their aims far too high. With fitness being so common online, and in the media, it’s easy to think that you can rapidly make huge changes to reach the fitness levels you want. In reality, it’s a waiting game, and your results can take a while.

The only way you’ll get there is if you’re honest with yourself and enjoy what you are doing. If not, you’ll find it very easy to lead yourself astray. Perseverance will pay off in the long run; you just have to keep on pushing yourself gradually. Keep motivated, keep realistic, and keep optimistic.

Tip 4. Don’t Go All Out At First

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Staying with the idea above, it’s also easy to fall into the trap of giving it everything you’ve got straight away. That sounds like a good thing, but what we are talking about is overreaching in a negative way. For example, trying to lift the biggest weights in the gym or even the weights you used to do can be a really bad idea both physically and mentally.

Another amazing tip is to keep your head on your shoulders. Don’t get over-excited. Trying to do something you’re not ready for will actually hinder your progress rather than speed you up, and likely make you feel like you’ve failed even before you’ve started. Find your feet and perfect your technique; the progress will follow! Your fitness is your own, and you need to go at your own pace. That’s a fitness tip that you should never forget.

Tip 5. Educate Yourself & Learn As You Go

Someone training with kettlebells

The last fitness tip to be as fit as you can is to really do your homework. Your health is a mental game just as much as a physical one. Find out the information you need before diving in and doing whatever exercise you feel like at the time! Learning about the work you need to be doing is the best way to get the best results without wasting your time or risking an injury.

There are countless resources out there just like this one designed to help you find your feet and design your workouts to fit your specific needs, not just what someone else thinks you should be doing because it worked for them. Your exercise is your own. Own it.

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If you experience dizziness, nausea, chest pain, or any other abnormal symptoms, stop the workout at once and consult a physician or doctor immediately.