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5 Environmental Daily Changes To Improve Your Life & The Planet

15th Nov 21

When it comes to helping the environment, it can seem like a daunting task. Many people wonder how just one person can help make a change, but believe it or not, there are daily environmental changes that you can make that help the environment but can also have massive benefits on your health and lifestyle.

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  1. Walking More
  2. Meat-Free Days
  3. Buy Loose Fruit & Vegetables
  4. Choosing Your Gym Clothes
  5. Working Out From Home

Walking More

family walking and running through the woods

The first small change you can make is walking more. I know; you’ve heard this all before. But walking instead of driving or getting public transport can make a massive difference to your health. Or even just walking to your public transport. The more travel we do on foot, the better the environment will be as walking doesn’t emit any harmful things into the atmosphere. Also, walking can improve mental health and help you lose or maintain weight, and taking someone with you can be a great social activity.

Walking can be fun too, whether you just walk into town or to the park or you go hiking. You can really see some beautiful parts of the world or even just your home town from going for a wander.

Meat-Free Days

group of people eating a meat-free meal as an environmental daily change

If you’re looking for daily environmental changes that are nutritious then look no further. Meat-free days are a great way to be healthier for yourself and the planet. The less meat we produce means that we use fewer animals for food, and we also don’t damage the environment during the process of getting the meat to the stores. Not to mention all of the plastic some of the meats come wrapped in. If everyone did one day a week where they ate no meat, it could help with weight loss, reduce overeating, give you more ideas for meals and help save the environment.

Buy Loose Fruit & Vegetables

woman shopping loose fruit and veg at the supermarket as an environmental daily change

When you go to the supermarket to buy your food, you might find it easier to buy fruit and vegetables in packets or in bulk. But look at how much you actually eat. If buying pre-packaged fruit and veg works for you and you eat it all, that’s great, but if you find yourself throwing a lot of it away, try buying loose. Many stores now offer paper bags for fruit and vegetables, and it can actually work out cheaper if you just buy what you will eat. That way, you aren’t wasting food that can either not be produced or can go to someone else.

If you find yourself overbuying, have a look if loose fruit and veg work better for you, or buy in bulk and donate what you don’t eat to a food bank before it goes out of date. This way, you use less plastic, save money and bin less food.

Choosing Your Gym Clothes

Everyone loves gym clothes. They’re comfy and reliable, but even they can be bad for the environment. Gym clothes contain a lot of microplastics which are bad for the planet’s health and yours. In this case, shop for eco-friendly gym clothing, limit the amount you buy, or go through your wardrobe and use old comfies you don’t wear anymore. This will reduce waste and stop microplastics from damaging the earth.

Working Out From Home

woman lifting kettlebells, working out from home as an environmental daily change

Finally, working out from home can be a great way to keep fit and save the planet. Going to the gym means travelling there and then using all of the power needed to run the gym for you and everyone else, and then the commute back. Working out from home means once the equipment has reached your home, you no longer need to damage the planet by going to and using the gym.

Some places even sell eco-friendly gym equipment that is Made In Britain to reduce carbon footprints and made from recycled products, much like our Marcy Eco Weight plates and our Marcy Eco range.

So are you ready to make the daily environmental changes that can have big benefits for your life and the planet?

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