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5 Awesome Benefits of Resistance Bands

25th Oct 19

Resistance bands are incredible tools for your workouts, whether you workout at home or at the gym. No matter how you like to train, we can guarantee that they have something they can offer you. There’s nothing quite like them, and for what they have to do, there are few things out there that can boast the same excellent benefits resistance bands have to offer.

Before you can make the most of all of these benefits, though, or even if you’re on the fence about buying some, it’s a good idea to look at what these awesome benefits are and how they can affect you and your own personal workouts. Here, we’re looking at the five biggest advantages and how they may be just the thing you need.

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Low Price

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First up on the list is how much they cost. The reason for that? It is not a lot! A good set of resistance bands can cost you anywhere from £10 to £100, and it completely depends on what it is that you’re looking for. If you only need one and you know what you’re looking for, things get really cheap. If you’re looking for a set that’ll provide you with a workout from home, you’re still only talking £30-£50 for a full home workout kit. That is cheaper than just about anything else you could be looking for. That’s always an awesome thing to think about when you’re looking at fitness.

Different to Other Accessories

Woman doing squats with a resistance band

Next up is their unique nature. As we said, one of the biggest benefits of resistance bands is that they’re unparalleled by anything else in the gym. There are no huge weights or cheating machines; it’s all just you and the band’s resistance. They come in so many different shapes and sizes that you’re spoiled for choice, and they’re all perfect for spicing up your workouts and giving training benefits you never knew existed.


woman doing push ups outdoors with resistance bands

This one may be a little obvious, but it might not have come to mind. The portability and the convenience that a resistance band has by nature is a benefit that truly is in a league of its own. They’re tiny, flexible, and ultra-lightweight. You can take them anywhere to work out anywhere quietly, smoothly, and without any fuss whatsoever. You could even fit them in your suitcase to take on holiday (if you felt so inclined). There’s no way anything else could offer you the sheer convenience that resistance bands do.


woman doing shoulder exercises with a resistance band

We looked at how they may be more practical than other types of kit, but on a similar level, we need to look at what other benefits of resistance bands there are to boost your workouts. Another big one has to be the variation they provide. They offer you new exercises entirely, new ways to do old exercises, and they even recruit new muscles you didn’t know you needed. Stability is everything with resistance bands, and that means building real function strength as well as core strength, all while still hitting your biggest muscles and helping you reach your goals. Awesome.

Recovery Friendly

man using resistance band for recovery

One final thing we’ll look at takes things down a notch, but it has to be said. It’s a benefit that you just can’t get from other equipment. No matter how you like to train, resistance bands are an incredibly effective way to; A. stretch, warm up and cool down, and B. recover from an injury, build up strength, or exercise with a low impact. These are absolutely awesome points to look at if you’re building mobility or using them to benefit other forms of training, and they can be an accessory or a workout of their own. That’s something that needs to be mentioned.

Ultimately, in case you couldn’t guess, we love them. They do so much more than most people think, and with the right workout plan behind them, they can take your training to new heights. Variety is the spice of life, and these aren’t shy of it. Give them a try and see what you think.

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