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12 Days of Christmas Workout

9th Dec 20

As Christmas creeps up on us all, many of you may be thinking about that last workout you want to fit in before the big day, and a Christmas-themed workout could be just what you need to get yourself fired up and fit before you break for Christmas.

It is important to take a break over the holiday period, to enjoy time with family and friends, and to treat yourself, so that the last workout can be really important to get you prepared for a nice, stress-free break.

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Christmas/Life/Workout Balance

At Christmas time, we end up so rushed off of our feet that we can lose track of what we are doing and what we need to do. You can start by scheduling your time over the Christmas season to make sure you have enough time to plan, rest and workout.

If you are planning on taking a break, why not make your last workout of the year the best one yet, so pull up your diary and plan when is best for you to fit in that Christmas workout. Some of us are people who use our workouts as personal time or as a way to de-stress, so plan your workouts around that. Or, if you see your workouts and breaks as different things, give yourself enough time to do both.

Make Yourself a Playlist!

Sheet music with baubles

Before you start your Christmas Workout, make yourself a Christmas Playlist. There are tons of Christmas tunes out there that are perfect to go with your workout, so get them all together to make your workout so much more fun!

You can even use them to help time your exercises and the speed you want to do them. Put on a faster, more upbeat song for the more intense exercises, and slow it down a bit for those breather moments and easier exercises.

The 12 Days of Christmas Workout Plan

Make sure to stretch and warm up before you start your workout; you don’t want to hurt yourself in any way this close to Christmas!

There are some exercises that require dumbbells, but if you don’t have any to hand, just substitute them with bottles of water or cans, and they will work just as well.

Days 1-6

Day 7-12

Download the plan here:

Make Sure to Rest!

Socked feet in front of the fire and Christmas tree

There is no better time of year than Christmas to have a good rest from your workouts and exercise. Most people get a break from work, and there are so many good things to enjoy; it’s as good a time as any to take a step back from exercise for a moment.

Taking a break allows your body time to recover from the stress exercise puts on it, as well as the stress of the festive season, and it can have amazing mental benefits, as it gives you a chance to really shut off without having the thoughts of when your next workout will be and if you will have time to fit it in.

So plan your time to get a good workout in before Christmas, and then treat yourself to a well-deserved break!

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