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The 10 Minute Punch Bag Workout

26th Jul 19

Here at, we’re always happy to say how good a boxing workout can be. You can work up a real sweat in practically any amount of time and get an awesome full-body workout, even without any weights. With just a punch bag and some boxing gloves, you’re set up for one of the best workouts out there!

This one, in particular, will last you around 10 minutes. You need to be in a stance that’s comfortable for you in front of whatever bag you’ve gone for (or shadow boxing if that’s what you have to work with). It’s an awesome combination of HIIT exercise and boxing styles to get your cardiovascular system at its peak while still giving your muscles (arms, shoulders and chest in particular) a great workout!

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The Punch Bag Workout

The punch bag workout is based on a standard HIIT format. You’ll be warming up and cooling down for a minute in total. Outside of that, you have 9 minutes on and off to balance your rest and your exercise. Split evenly that looks like this:

  • 30-second warm-up
  • 6x 45-seconds on – 45-seconds off
  • 30-second cooldown

It’s a simplistic workout, but you can make it your own however you like. There is a tonne of different types of punch that you can use out there. Make different combinations to suit your needs and your fitness for the best workout.

Even after you have your punches absolutely nailed, you have more room for expansion too. The best thing to do is to add footwork in where you can. That’s the best way to burn the most calories in the least time!

Workout Video Walkthrough

Make sure you aren’t over-performing the punch bag workout if you decide that that’s what you enjoy doing. It’s easy to do, we know, but you still need to recover. This kind of workout and the intensity that comes with it means that you should only really be doing it around 3-4 times a week at a push. For the best possible results, you need to make sure that you’re using other training styles in the mix too. Cardio and weight training work best together, for any result. Good luck, and have fun building that punching power!

(If you’re looking for the right bag, check out our guide here)

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