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Is a Cross Trainer Good for Toning?

29th May 19

Cardio exercise is an awesome way to work out, and a cross trainer is an excellent way to go about it. Using a cross trainer gives you a full body workout from your own home, if not at the gym. It’s a low-impact exercise, so it protects your joints while still putting you through your paces. Using a cross trainer for toning has even more benefits than these too. They’re incredibly efficient.

Its uses go past just exercising for your health, too. One of the most common goals in training lately is to get toned up: to build up muscle tone while cutting fat and to give your muscles a more defined appearance without getting too bulky. A cross trainer can help you do exactly that! It’s a great way to use multiple muscles all in one workout without having to lift huge weights or worry about what you’re doing.

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    How A Cross Trainer Works

    Woman using a cross trainer


    One of the fundamental things to look at when analysing the effectiveness of a cross trainer on toning is how it works. The equipment allows you to change the resistance depending on what is going to work best for you. The higher the resistance is on the machine, the harder the workout will be.

    This affects both the calories that you’re going to burn as well as how your muscles will be impacted. To get toned, you need both, and that’s what makes them so useful. You can progress as time goes on. The resistance levels of a cross trainer go way higher than you think, so they can go a long way in your training.


    So, delving further into what a cross trainer does, several different muscle groups see the benefit. The main muscles involved, and where you will see more definition, is in your arms and your upper legs. Your biceps and your triceps, as well as your entire upper leg muscle group, will be doing the brunt of the work, so they’ll see the most significant improvement. Again, as we said, it’s very dependent on the resistance that you are using, but your whole body will still benefit.

    Overall, getting toned is dependent on more than just the exercise that you are doing. It goes a long way, and a cross trainer can be a staple of it, but it’s more than that. For the best chance of seeing your work pay off, you need to eat well, too. Your calories need to be in the right place for you to tone up properly, and you may be negating the effect of your exercise if you’re not getting the nutrients you need. Ultimately though, a cross trainer is great for both getting toned at home or at the gym, so give them thought for your next workout!

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