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How to Use Boxing for Weight Loss

1st May 20

If you’re looking to lose weight, boxing training can be a seriously effective option. There are so many different ways to drop the pounds and reach your goal, and we don’t think boxing has received the attention that it should. So how can you use boxing for weight loss?

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  1. Boxing as Cardio
  2. Boxing to Build Muscle
  3. How to Maximise Boxing for Weight Loss

Boxing as Cardio

Boxing offers incredible cardiovascular effects, with a typical boxing workout raising your heart rate into the cardio zone to burn some serious calories. If you box right, you can even burn more calories than when you go running. So if weight loss is your goal, there’s huge potential when you incorporate boxing into your workout regime.

Of course, there are many variables when it comes to your boxing training. For example, if you usually run three times a week, you’ll see very different results if you switch to spending 20 minutes on the heavy bag each morning. But ultimately, for each full boxing workout you complete (intensity and weight dependent), you could burn up to 1000 calories per hour. This can make boxing a weight-loss champion if you utilise it properly.

Man and woman sparring

Boxing to Build Muscle

Boxing is also extremely efficient in muscle building, increasing muscle mass across your whole body. This in itself with increasing your resting energy expenditure, which will help to burn more calories, too.

Of course, it’s important to remember that, as with all muscle-building exercises, muscle weighs more than fat. So as you build your muscles and lose body fat, you may not see your progress reflected in the scales. Keep this in mind so that you don’t become demotivated – there’s more to exercise than simply decreasing your weight. Boxing is an awesome workout and the muscle gain will also make you feel more lean and toned.

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How to Maximise Boxing for Weight Loss

Boxing is up there with the best exercises you could ever do, whether your goal is to lose weight, tone up or improve your stamina. It’s an amazing way to boost your health and fitness. To use boxing to its fullest, you need to make it a healthy exercise habit, complemented by a healthy diet. If weight loss is the goal, focus on regular full-body boxing workouts as well as creating a calorie deficit. This should be sustainable and not too difficult for you to achieve, eg. 200 calories per day.

You also need to tailor your workouts to suit your ability, your body and your lifestyle. A cardio approach will make the most of your time per workout, so if you have a packed schedule and very little time, focus on cardio. Include a range of different movements like punching, skipping and general bodyweight movement, and you’ll soon see the results that boxing has to offer to you and your weight loss goals.

Ultimately, boxing is a great way to burn calories, and if you’re looking to lose weight, then it’s the perfect choice. Of course, you need to make sure that you are eating a healthy and balanced diet in order to make a stable calorie deficit. This way, you will ensure that you’re keeping your body fuelled and healthy, but you’re still in a position to lose weight at a steady rate. Try it for yourself and see what it can do for you! You can also find out more about boxing and how it can improve your fitness and wellbeing.

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