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Exercises You Can Do With Tri-Grip Weight Plates

22nd Dec 20

When it comes to building muscle and getting stronger, weight plates are among the best places to start. They can be added to almost any piece of gym equipment to make a solid weight training workout. Many weight plates are also designed to just go on a barbell, but what if you don’t want to use them that way or don’t have that kind of kit? That’s where tri-grip weight plates come in.

They are designed with handgrips so that they can be used safely, on their own. This opens up a whole new avenue for different exercises and workouts.

Let’s have a look at some:

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  1. Front Raise
  2. Lateral Raise
  3. Halo
  4. Squat Press
  5. Side Bend
  6. Romanian Deadlift
  7. Russian Twists

Front Raise

The first up is front raises. These are the perfect exercise to be done with tri-grip weight plates as they work the anterior deltoid muscles, which are sometimes missed in workouts. So this exercise will help strengthen your shoulders and push the muscles to their full potential.

Start with either one light plate in each hand or one heavy plate, and make sure you have your hands comfortable on the weight plate. Front raise means you lift the weight in front of you and keep your arms straight and elbows soft. Once you’ve done this, you can get started on building those shoulder muscles.

Lateral Raise

The lateral raise exercise is similar to the front raise. It also works your deltoid muscles, but you hold the plates out to the side. Start with one arm, holding a light plate, and then swap to the other when you are done. You don’t want to overdo it by exercising both arms at the same time.


Next is the halo. This exercise was made for tri-grip weight plates, as the hand grips make sure that you are safe whilst exercising. Doing this move with a normal weight plate could be dangerous if you don’t have a good grip.

All you need to do is grip one weight plate with both hands and slowly circle the plate up and around your head. The halo will help strengthen your shoulders, biceps, triceps, back and abs, so it’s a good all-round exercise for your upper muscles.

Squat Press

The squat press is, by far, one of the best exercises to work every area of the body at the same time. Just grip the tri-grip weight plate with both hands and hold it above your head. As you squat, bring it down and hold it out in front of you.

Using the squat press, you can strengthen most of your lower body at once, including your glutes and quads. By adding the weight, you target your upper body as well, such as the triceps, abs and chest. You really can get the most out of this exercise!

Side Bend

Another all-rounder the side bend; an exercise made for tri-grip weights; you can hold a weight in one hand and bend to the side as far as you can. It’s perfect for hitting those triceps and abs, as well as strengthening your lower back at the same time.

Whilst hitting your upper body, the side bend also strengthens your glutes and thighs; just make sure you regularly alternate to keep them even.

Romanian Deadlift

The Romanian deadlift is possibly one of the best exercises you can do and is perfect for tri-grip weight plates. Though they are one of the heaviest lifts you can do, they work a huge range of muscles, targeting the full posterior chain.

Make sure you hold the weight with both hands before leaning forward, and make sure you have mastered your deadlift technique before using bigger weights.

Russian Twists

Finally, Russian twists. This is another common exercise, but have you ever considered adding weight? Tri-grip weight plates are made for this exercise, as they keep your hands in place whilst also adding a new spin and making the exercise more effective.

They are perfect for the upper body, as the movement and weight help work the muscles. Your abs, hips and obliques will really see the benefit here, and you can shake it up by doing it with your feet off the ground if you really want to push yourself!

All of these exercises are perfect for working as many muscles as possible. Tri-grip weight plates add a perfect spin on your training, and if you have some already for weight training, you don’t need to rush out for dumbbells or extra kit. Just make sure you start low and work your way up, and you’ll see yourself improve rapidly!

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