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Exercises You Can Do With a Bosu® Ball

3rd Sep 19

Bosu® balls are a big thing in the world of advanced fitness. They’re an excellent way to work out as you usually would, but hit your core harder than ever before. The idea behind Bosu® ball exercises is that you’re really pulling together your whole core to keep you stabilised throughout your workout. You need to balance to hold the positions you’re aiming for. That means some serious muscle activation from your mid-section. The result? It’s perfect for burning more calories (since more muscles are being used), increased muscle contractions, improved balance, and a generally incredible workout.

Now you know how awesome they are and what they’re really used for, it’s always a good call to learn the best ways that you can use them. If you get creative enough, there’s a huge number of Bosu® ball exercises out there. No matter what your workout is, if you throw one of these into the mix, you’re going to change the game.

Here are some of the best:

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man doing a push-up on a Bosu® ball

Push-ups are an awesome workout, no matter what the goal is. Using a Bosu® ball to make them even better is a great way to make them even better. The imbalance means your arms and chest have to work to keep you going, and your core keeps tight too. It’s an awesome upper body exercise, especially as you change the push-up style.

Renegade Row

woman doing a renegade row on a Bosu® ball

While you’re looking at the push-up position, it’s useful to know similar moves, too, like the renegade row. This Bosu® exercise variation means you can even hit your back and everything else to give you that full-body workout and make them applicable to any muscle group. It’s difficult with only one hand on the floor as you row, but the balance always pays off.

Mountain Climbers

man doing mountain climbers with a Bosu® ball

Mountain climbers are an incredible ab exercise full stop. They hit your lower abs hard (as they’re one of the best lower ab exercises), and they can fit into almost any workout. Adding a Bosu® ball to the mix just means they hit the rest of your core muscles, too (not just your abs). That makes them the perfect finisher for any routine.


woman doing a plank on a Bosu® ball

Staying with the focus on abs and core strength, we can’t leave out the plank. Already an intense core hitter, adding the balance required from a Bosu® ball just makes them super effective. It’s one of the best core workouts out there due to the sheer activation they require, especially as you hold them longer.


woman doing lunges on a Bosu® ball

We can’t forget the legs in this list either, and lunges are a great way to go about it. It’s best to have your back foot on the Bosu® ball since that’s where most of the instability will come from, and that’s what we’re looking for. Your core really will thank you for it. Just make sure you swap legs and get an equal workout to avoid training imbalances.

Squat (HARD)

woman doing squats on a Bosu® ball

The final Bosu® ball exercise we’ll look at to finish off the list is the Bosu® squat. As we always say, squats are one of the best compound exercises you can do, especially for your lower body. Adding a Bosu® ball makes them difficult, to say the least, but incredibly effective for hitting every muscle involved even harder. As you change your centre of gravity, the balancing and core activation hits new levels, and you’ll get a seriously challenging workout. It’s all worth it in the end.

All of these exercises are great ingredients for a core workout and work the other major muscle groups you’re using in each exercise. For more core exercises, check out our 5 exercises for a powerful core article here.

These are just a taste of the potential the Bosu® ball offers you. There is a huge number out there, and if you get creative, you really can change your core game long term. For more exercises like these, check out the Bosu® website here.

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