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Beginner’s Guide to Beach Volleyball

3rd Aug 21

When it comes to outdoor sports, there is nothing better than one that takes place on a beach. Beach volleyball is a great sport to play professionally or just with friends. It’s the perfect summer sport, and it doesn’t even need to cost you anything.

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The Set Up

A beach volleyball court with a net and beach chairs nearby

Competitive beach volleyball usually takes place on a 16mx8m court and is played by two teams of two or more players. A steward is needed to watch over the match to ensure the points are given out fairly. After that, all you need is a volleyball net and a volleyball.

You might be thinking, what’s the difference between beach volleyball and normal volleyball? The easy answer is the sand. The beach element adds a new level of difficulty as the sand gives the players little grip to jump and walk on and can even slow their movements,

The Rules

A volleyball on the beach in front of a net

The rules are pretty simple. Each team hits the ball back and forth with their hands to gain a point. You are not allowed to hold or catch the ball, but you can use any part of the body to pass the ball back. Each team has three touches maximum before the ball must pass back over the net. The points are made up of sets; one set is 21 points. The first team to win two sets wins. The important thing to remember is to communicate with your team. The better the communication, the better you will play, and you’ll soon find you know exactly how each person on your team plays.

Beach volleyball is a great sport and one that can be played for fun, in tournaments or even at the Olympics. If you are playing casually with friends, you can play by your own rules. You don’t even need the court or the net, just a line in the sand and a ball, but playing with friends is a great way to build up the stamina and skill to play properly. So grab yourself a ball and get out there! There’s nothing better than the beach, sun and a bit of healthy competition.

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