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Ab Exercises With A Weight Bench

26th Mar 19

You can complete most ab exercises with a weight bench. Whether you want to hit your abs with your favourite exercises at new angles or give your core a shock for some serious strength and definition, here are the exercises for you and your weight bench – a truly versatile piece of gym equipment!

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  1. Deficit Sit-Ups
  2. Crossovers
  3. Tucks
  4. Deficit Crunches
  5. Reverse Mountain Climbers
  6. Leg Lifts

Deficit Sit-Ups

Woman performing a deficit crunch

One of the most obvious ab exercises with a weight bench is the deficit sit-up. This hits your upper abs hard. You can even add weights if it becomes too easy! Just firmly position your legs, so you’re anchored, and then lower yourself to the decline angle. Contract your abs to pull yourself upwards, hold, and repeat.


Crossovers provide a unique angle to hit your obliques hard without the need for weight. They are another great exercise for the weight bench, no matter your fitness level. Place your hands on the bench and your feet on the floor so that it looks like you’re about to do an incline push-up, but then bring one arm under and across your until you can reach no further. This twisting of the core is what is going to hit your obliques specifically.


Another great ab exercise on your weight bench is a tuck. Sit on the end of the bench, then lift your knees as high as you can towards your core. Contract your lower abs. Hold the contraction and repeat for the full set. You can add a slight crunch motion at the peak of the exercise for a mid and upper ab contraction, too, depending on your core strength.

Deficit Crunches

Much like sit-ups, the deficit crunch is another great exercise that utilises the angle of the weight bench. It is practically the same set-up as the deficit sit-up, but with a different motion range. This is what gives a more concentrated contraction in a more localised area, but with more intensity. Deficit crunches are a really great ab exercise for the weight bench!

Reverse Mountain Climbers

Reverse mountain climbers will provide some variation to your workout and a new way to hit your core. You need to place your hands on the bench behind and under you so that you are facing upwards, and then raise your knees to your chest individually. This will recruit your lower abs.

Leg Lifts

By using a weight bench, you will have to lower your legs further down, which means your torso gets greater lower ab activation. You can even develop this further by turning the exercise into a reverse crunch. For the leg lift alone, simply keep your legs straight and raise them from below the bench until you’re at a right angle.

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