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6 Week Full Body Weight Training Workout Plan

6th Dec 19

Full-body exercises are some of the best things that you can do in weight training, and with the right workout plan, you can reach new heights no matter what your goals are. They offer something for everyone, and that’s one of the most valuable things that you can find in training. Finding the best way to use them safely and still getting their full potential is not an easy thing to do, though. That’s where you need a solid workout plan, and that’s where we come in.

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Benefits of Full Body Exercises

Before we get ahead of our selves, let’s look at some of the benefits the workout plan has to offer you. That way, you know you’re in the right place.

Awesome Calorie Burn

Man doing dumbbells lifts

One of the biggest benefits of compound exercise or full-body workouts is that they burn a huge number of calories. All weight training burns calories and raises your energy expenditure, but compound exercises, in particular, mean that you’re using more muscles at once than you normally would. That means you’re using more calories as fuel, and that can be ideal for toning up or losing weight. (even on top of that, they boost your resting energy expenditure)

Build Functional Strength

Woman crouching for a barbell lift

Full body compound exercises, unlike isolation exercises, mean that you’re usually doing exercises that translate to real-world movements. That means you’re building your strength, and in particular, your functional strength. Picking things up, pushing things, lifting things, anything really. Just doing simple exercises often means you get a better physique, but in a real-world application, you’re limited to your weakest muscle. Full-body exercises mean you don’t have a weak muscle letting you down since you need everything to work together. (Think squats and deadlifts instead of leg extensions and leg curls)

Hit Multiple Muscles

The last point we’ll look at is that you’re using multiple muscles. We know that’s what we just said, but it works for building muscle too, both from a physique perspective and strength. Using a full-body exercise workout plan means you can work the same muscles three times in the same week, rather than once a week like in things like the mighty push pull legs plan. That can be just the thing to burst through a plateau and give your muscle building a huge boost.

The Workout Plan

This plan works on three workouts a week, with a free day in between each one to make sure that you’re giving your body time to rest (since rest days are SO important). It doesn’t matter which way around you do them, but the workouts do get a harder as the weeks go on, so try and stick to them as close as you can!

Weeks 1-3ExercisesSets
Full Body Workout 1Bench Press4×10
 Single Row4×10
 Bicycle Crunches3×20
 Full Body Workout 2Shoulder Press4×10
 Split Squat4×10
Full Body Workout 3Pulldown4×10
 Push Up3×20
Weeks 4-6ExercisesReps
Full Body Workout 1Bench Press4×8
 Pull Up4×8
 Farmers Walks4×4
Full Body Workout 2Dips4×12
 Push Up4×20
 Bent Row4×8
Full Body Workout 3Arnold Press4×8
 Clean & Jerk5×5
 Sled Push/Pull4×4
 TRX Row4×8

Watch the full workout here:

Download the plan here:

The workout plan here spans a 6-week period, but it’s easy to rinse and repeat if you want to keep on pushing the progress you’ve made. Either add more weights and do the exact same thing or change the set style to help really maximise what progress you’re making. It’s all relative, and it all depends on what’s going to work best for you.

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