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The 6 Move Shoulder Workout To Pack on Muscle

23rd Apr 20

Your shoulders can be some of the strongest muscles in your body if you know how to help them reach their full potential. To do that, you need the best shoulder workout you can find, made up of the best exercises. That’s exactly what we’ve got here, and for all different deltoid muscles too.

Finding a perfect shoulder workout is a hard thing to do, and that’s mostly because of how they’re structured. Generally, we have 3 deltoid muscles to focus on. They consist of the front (anterior), side (lateral), and rear (posterior) deltoid muscles. Each of these does completely different movements, meaning they get used in a lot of different workouts and have massively contrasting exercises.

To make sure you’re really giving them all of the attention that they deserve, we’ve designed to perfect shoulder workout for the job. These 6 exercises combine some of the best exercises there are to give you the boost you need in your training and rocket your deltoid strength to new heights. Let’s do it.

Shoulder Press

Man shoulder pressing dumbbells

The best possible shoulder exercise you can do is the shoulder press. There’s just nothing quite like it in terms of deltoid activation. It hits them all at the same time which is something that few other movements can offer you! It does also go without saying, however, that you need to get it right.

Another incredible thing about such an iconic compound exercise is that you can use almost any weighted equipment in your shoulder workout to do it. Dumbbells are the best for activation and stability, but the world is your oyster as long as you stay in front of the neck rather than risking your shoulders or rotator cuffs and going behind the neck.

Landmine Presses

person doing landmine shoulder press

The landmine press is a similar exercise to the shoulder press, but with its own unique twist. The landmine offers a change in the vertical motion range that is given to you above, and this is always a great way to make sure that you are going to be getting the best possible contraction across your entire shoulder workout.

It also adds slightly more effort on your anterior deltoid which is a useful feature, and it forces you to stabilise yourself a lot more through your stance and your core which are never a bad thing. To do it, you need to place a barbell in a landmine attachment or with one side in a corner pointing outward. Grab the other end, and lift it upwards with one arm in a leverage type motion.

Front Raises

Man doing front raises

Front raises are entirely focussing on your anterior deltoids, these are not always an easy thing to train, and they can be a weak spot that you don’t know you have. They aren’t the most fun exercise, and they’re easy to build momentum with, so take your time and nail your technique.

It’s best done with a dumbbell of a reasonable weight so that you can raise it slowly and carefully without building a swinging momentum by raising your arms straight out in front of you. They’re definitely one of the best exercises for your front delts, so make the most of them!

Lateral Raises – 4×10

Person doing lateral shoulder raises

These are great for the side deltoid portion of your shoulder workout. They can’t be forgotten about if you want to add size or strength, and they’ll be capable of massive strength if you train them in the right way.

You can train single or double arm for concentration on your abilities, and they’re an awesome way to get a good workout. These are best stood, and making a T like shape with your body every rep. Take it slow and steady as it’s easy to build momentum here.

Reverse Flyes – 4×10

Person doing rear deltoid flyes

These are slightly more complex, and possibly a lot more difficult than a lot of the other exercises that are on the shoulder workout here. The posterior deltoid is another muscle that’s not always as developed as it should be and is often reliant on the lats for stability and strength.

Make sure to keep your elbows out, and you’ll feel the intense contraction as you pull back the weight. Ensure you have the angle of your bench right though.

Rear Deltoid Row – 4×12

Person doing rear delt rows

To finish off our shoulder workout, we’ll hit the rear delts again with one of the best exercises out there. Be warned though; the rear delt row is easily turned into a standard bent row if you aren’t mindful of your form.

Make sure that you’re keeping that elbow point outward for the entire movement to stop your lats taking over as the bigger muscle. Try to add a slight downward angle to your stance for the best results. Gradually pull the weight up and back behind you for the greatest muscle contraction and the best results.


This hardcore shoulder workout makes sure that you’re hitting every section of your deltoids sufficiently with the best exercises that you could be doing. It builds up functional strength as well as mass depending on the weight you choose to use. Ultimately, it’s a good all rounder and is great for beginners or seasoned lifters. dumbbells


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