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6 Move Bicep and Tricep Workout

27th Mar 19

Your arms are often used as supporting muscles for pretty much every upper body exercise that you can think of. Because of this, it’s always a good idea for you to give them a good workout of their own from time to time. This 6-move bicep and tricep workout is a great pairing for you to see some real strength gains that will transfer across most of your other workouts too, to give you good, functional and transferable strength in your arms!

Dips 5×5

Woman performing tricep dips

It’s always a good idea for you to start a workout by hitting the largest muscle that’s going to be focused on. Usually, that’s your chest, back or glutes, but with your arms, it’s triceps. Few exercises are better for your triceps than tricep dips, and that’s why they’re first on the list here! Use a dip tower and keep your torso upright to avoid the chest activation a forward lean adds. When you’re ready, lower yourself until your arms are at a right angle and push back upwards. Simple, but so effective.

Rope Pull Down 4×10

rope pull downs

When you’re looking into more tricep exercises, it’s crucial that you hit all three heads of the triceps for a proper strength increase. Pulldowns, in general, are an awesome way to vary the motion range that you’re using in the workouts, as you can modify your grip and equipment so much. Here, we’re using rope pull downs. Keep your elbows pivoted at your sides and pull down the rope in front of you until your arms are fully extended. Hold and return to start.

Overhead Rope Extension 4×10

Man performing overhead rope extensions

Even just with this exercise, there is so much variation for you to choose from. Overhead exercises are always useful tools for you to make the most of when hitting your triceps, so they need to be in this workout too. The overhead rope pull means that you are following a similar movement style to the above exercise but with a different angle! Place your strongest foot forward and grab the rope behind your head. Once you’re comfortable, you need to extend your arms until straight, keeping your elbows fixed in place.

Kickbacks 4×10

Woman doing tricep kickbacks

The kickback is the first move of the workout where you can really make the most of single arm movements while still hitting all three heads of the triceps at the same time. This makes it a pivotal way for you to make some huge progress if you can use it to the best of your abilities and you get your form right. Place one knee on a weight bench so that you are parallel with it, and with the weight in hand, extend your arms back until it is in line with your torso.

Chin Up 5×5

Woman doing chin ups

Now that you’ve made the most of your triceps, you need to make sure that your biceps are getting the attention that they need too. Chin ups are actually the best bicep exercise that you can do in terms of muscle activation. They let you add weights to the exercise too, once you have developed to find bodyweight easy. With a close, underhanded grip on a pull-up bar, contract your biceps to pull your weight up to the bar, hold, and return.

Hammer Curl 10×4

Man performing dumbbell hammer curls

Finally, keeping up with the variation that the rest of the workout offers, it’s crucial that you hit both heads of your bicep equally too. The hammer curl is one of few bicep exercises that actually offers you the possibility of changing the angle of the grip that you’re using, and that’s what keeps it so effective when you use it properly in the right arm workout. The movement is similar to the standard bicep curl, so grab the dumbells with a neutral grip, contract to raise the weight, hold, and let them drop again. go slowly to avoid building momentum and keep those elbows still!

This is a fundamental bicep and tricep workout for you to hit your arms proportionally and effectively, hitting every head of every muscle and giving you the proper strength gains you need to be able to perform more compound exercises to the best of your ability. There are other exercises that will hit your biceps and triceps too, so experiment with them and find what works best for you. Variation in your workouts makes all the difference! Home Gym Equipment

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