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The 6 Minute Ab Workout for Beginners

2nd Jan 20

Abs are one of the most sought after assets in the whole of the human body. Just about everybody wants them, but getting them is no easy feat. If you’re new to training or just not sure where to start, finding the right ab workout to sue can be half the battle too. That’s where we come in.

The problem is, though, that there are, well… too many problems. So many different things come into play when trying to get toned abs; it can be hard to keep track. Your diet, your lifestyle, your exercise the lot. It all has a huge impact, even at the best of times. Another tough factor affecting the success of your exercise is the amount of time it takes to see these results to their fullest potential, especially when there are other bigger muscle groups that need more attention in terms of maintenance and size!

We have a solution to this problem that may well be the solution to your ab issues, all in just 6 minutes. This ab workout is done ideally daily for just 6 minutes, and it’ll work your upper, mid, lower and oblique abdominal muscles, all at once! That’s perfect for giving you a fulfilling and efficient ab workout that you can feel happy with and will definitely feel the results of in the long run!

Let’s get into it:

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  1. Leg Raises
  2. Mountain Climbers
  3. Bicycle Crunches
  4. Russian Twists
  5. V Up
  6. Plank

1. Leg Raises

Starting with the lower abdominal region, it’s hard to stray far from leg raises. They are great for the lower abs specifically and can be performed without much difficulty. They’re a great way to start your workout, and your abs will definitely thank you for it.

The premise is to just raise the legs from a lying floor position to around a 45-degree angle, holding to maximise the contraction for a second or two, and then returning to rest. It sounds a lot easier than it is. Remember that.

2. Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are one of the more challenging exercises for the muscle group. The movement that is involved tends to need more energy than some of the others, but they are still more than doable. On the plus side, they’re a good calorie burner too.

Simply get into a push up like position and bring the knees up as close to the elbow as you realistically can, one leg at a time. Keep going at a speed you can handle, and you’ll get a  good hit on your abs. They’re one of the best lower ab exercises for a reason.

3. Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle crunches are a crucial way to affect the entire abdominal group simultaneously, making it a real challenge. With your hands on either side of your head and elbows pointing directly outwards, bring in your knees one at a time and try to touch it with the opposite elbow.

It’s also important to remember breathing and form with this one as it can be easy to let it run away from you. Make sure you don’t move your elbows forward to make it easier or that you lose a good rhythm throughout. This is a whole ab workout in itself.

4. Russian Twists

These oblique killers are a tried and tested success. Lying flat on your back with shoulders off the floor, simply twist 90 degrees to the left, return to the start, and twist 90 degrees to the right.

The twisting motion, as well as holding yourself above the floor, will cause drastic contractions and really help build those abs. there’s more to it than just up and down, and your obliques will help you out a lot. (Check out more exercises to boost your obliques here if you need to).

5. V Up

The V-up is a bit of a mix and match combination of ab muscles, making it incredibly effective. It requires the motion of a crunch as well as a leg raise to create a V-shape with the body.

Holding the position can be even harder than other exercises, so focus more on the form of each rep rather than the number of reps you can do; otherwise, you may well miss the general point of the exercise. Isometric exercises are always tricky, but they’re effective.

6. Plank

To end our speedy ab workout, we have the plank. The plank is another classic exercise for the entire core region. Your form is completely essential for this one as eps are not really an existing factor for you, so make sure you’re performing perfectly rather than for as long as physically possible whilst you keep off the floor. If not, you’re just wasting time.

If this becomes easy and because of the lack of intensity to increase, you can always try a variation of the plank rather than the standard, such as a walking plank or side plank, but this is completely down to your own fitness level.

Just ensure you’re on your toes and forearms essentially, and you are almost completely straight from legs to the neck, facing forwards rather than down too.

The Full Ab Workout

To perform the full workout, perform each exercise either for 30 seconds with 30 seconds of rest before moving to the next exercise or for 45 seconds with 15 seconds of rest if you begin to find this less challenging.

Any ab workout is a good workout, but make sure you do as much as you can without losing form. Good luck, and remember, this is only half the battle. Nail your nutrition, too, by checking out our article on how abs can be made in the kitchen!

Check out the full playlist of exercises!

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If you experience dizziness, nausea, chest pain, or any other abnormal symptoms, stop the workout at once and consult a physician or doctor immediately.