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4 Ways You Can Battle Blue Monday With Exercise

21st Jan 19

The third Monday in January every year is Blue Monday. It’s famous as the most terrible day of the year, and most of the population finds it pretty depressing. Most of us are dealing with the aftermath of the festive season, missing family, and just feeling a general harsh kickback to reality with nothing to look forward to. It is what it is, and there’s little we can do to change it.

On the flip side to this, though, there is one aspect of January many of us are already forgetting about. It’s still the start of a brand-new year where you can make huge changes to your life and feel fantastic about yourself for doing it. You can beat the odds and really try to make yourself a better person, and exercise is a great place to start!

There’s a whole range of reasons why you should use exercise as the fuel for your happiness this year, but we’ll go through four of the biggies to get started with since it’s only January.

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Man and woman smiling during running as a way to beat blue monday

First and foremost, we have endorphins. The chemical hormones always floating around in our bodies, just waiting to give us the feel-good feeling that exercise offers. When you get the blood pumping and the adrenaline going, these endorphins give you an immediate mood booster that lasts all day. It’s just what you need to get you through the dark days and cold nights!

Healthy Habits

Man and child preparing a healthy meal together

Another awesome thing about exercising when you’re not in the best of mind frames because of the time of year is how it can affect the rest of your year. Even though it might take a little more effort to get yourself up and moving instead of staying warm in your bed, it’s worth it. The more you push yourself to be a healthier person, the more likely you are to start a habit. The beauty of a habit is that you’ll be able to get into a routine. You’ll probably also be inclined to start doing other healthier things in life, too, since you’re already doing the exercise alongside it. This is where you’re going to get the fitness bug and become a better you for the rest of the year!

Body Positivity

A man and woman exercising together with dumbbells to help fight blue monday

As you’re exercising more and more, you’ll probably start to notice some pretty huge body changes too. The more hard work you’re putting into your training will usually lead to more dramatic body changes to make you happier with how you feel about yourself on the inside and the outside! These changes should be just what you need to help you feel more confident and realise that hard work pays off. You’ll hopefully be so happy with the changes you’re seeing that you’ll want to progress even further, giving you something to work toward for the rest of the year.

Motivation & Self-Satisfaction

woman doing dumbbell push ups

Finally, all of the points above, when put together, help to make the real changes that you need to make. As you begin to see how much more positive exercising can make you, even when you’re feeling a little low, you’ll see the most significant mental benefits. Just being able to get yourself out of bed and into your exercise routine will give you a massive sense of accomplishment. You knew what you needed to do, and you did it without anything getting in your way. As if that wasn’t reward enough on its own, you’re then pushed to keep going further by knowing you are your only limit, and you can progress as far as you want to reach your goals!

This time of year, and Blue Monday in particular, can be depressing, but it doesn’t last forever. Winter is what you make of it, and hopefully, with a push in the right direction, you’ll make a change for the better. Just remember that the more you exercise, the better you’ll feel both physically and mentally, helping kick Blue Monday in the butt and setting yourself up for the rest of the year! Now is as good a time as any!

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If you experience dizziness, nausea, chest pain, or any other abnormal symptoms, stop the workout at once and consult a physician or doctor immediately.