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20 Minute HIIT Exercise Bike Workout

18th Apr 19

HIIT training is one of the best training styles out there. It’s effective in delivering quick results, which is what most people are after when it comes to working out! No matter what your equipment is, there’s a way for you to use a HIIT workout, and an exercise bike is no exception. They’re fantastic pieces of equipment, and they can do amazing things for your whole body!

This 20-minute workout is a great way to put yourself through your paces, build up your stamina, and burn some serious calories. Before you jump straight into it, though, it’s always a good idea to look at why you’re doing it and take any extra steps that you might need to get what’s best for you.

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Exercise bikes are excellent upper leg builders more than anything else, and with the variable resistance that they can offer you, they make it easy to decide whether you’re going to build up leg muscle and definition, burn calories and lose fat from the rest of your body, or the combination of the two! HIIT workouts are most effective at toning up in general but throwing one in no matter your goals is always a good idea. Variation is crucial to fitness.


man on an assault exercise bike

Because there are so many different styles when it comes to exercise bikes, you can hit your personal goals more effectively, so make sure you are using the best equipment for your needs. Where you are positioned, how you are distributing your weight, the type and level of resistance, and even your own weight all have an important effect on what you are going to get out of your workout, but HIIT makes everything worthwhile.


Your quads, hamstrings and glutes are the main power contributors during any cycling exercise. You can be stood or seated, which will have a further impact depending on the area you’re targeting. It’s a good idea to make sure you’re concentrating on the muscles that you’re working, but that comes with experience. Just do your best and push yourself.

The HIIT Exercise Bike Workout

The HIIT exercise bike workout is a tough one to master! But the great thing about it is that no matter your fitness level or your progress, the workout progresses with you. Just push yourself as hard as you can; it’s worth it in the end!

Warm Up

2 Minutes

Round 1

30 Seconds Work

60 Seconds Rest

Repeat x4

Round 2

30 Seconds Work

45 Seconds Rest

Repeat x4

Round 3

30 Seconds Work

30 Seconds Rest

Repeat x4

Round 4

1000 Metre Sprint

Cool Down

2 Minutes

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