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20 Minute HIIT Rowing Machine Workout

21st Apr 20

Rowing and HIIT training are two of our favourite things. Both provide some of the most effective forms of exercise, and when you put the two together, you can really work wonders for your whole body. Want to get going? Take a look at our range of rowing machines and then come back to this workout plan – it’s a 20 minute HIIT burner which you’ll love!

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  1. The benefits of rowing
  2. The benefits of HIIT training
  3. HIIT rowing workout plan
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The benefits of rowing

Man struggling on a rowing machine

The rowing machine offers so many benefits. In fact, rowing is one of the best cardiovascular exercises that you can possibly choose to do. It’s a compound exercise that uses multiple muscles, and that’s great for things like increasing your heat rate, upping calorie burn, toning and using variable resistance.

Because of the complex motion, rowing is an an incredibly effective cardio exercise, perfect for getting your heart rate up and reaching your 150 minutes a week. That means you get all of the benefits of cardio, too.

The variable resistance settings mean that you can work at your own level to tailor your workout to fit your needs, and that’s one of the most important things to consider when you’re building a workout routine.

Fat burning is probably the largest benefit of using a rowing machine. But on top of burning fat, the resistance levels and movement will tone you up, too.

The benefits of HIIT training

HIIT (high intensity interval training) has proven results when it comes to cardio exercise and has been shown be the most efficient exercise format.

HIIT burns a lot of calories in a short amount of time and keeps your metabolic rate higher for longer, even after you’ve finished exercising. Whether you want to lose fat, gain muscle or both, HIIT is the perfect choice. This type of exercise will also reduce your heart rate and blood pressure.

Using HIIT training means that you can reduce the time you’re spending on your workouts without compromising results. This is so valuable for your motivation, and means that you don’t have to have the inconvenience of fitting in long workouts or exercising for hours.

20 minute HIIT rowing workout plan

With our 20 minute HIIT rowing machine workout, you have complete control over the resistances that you use throughout. Once you feel confident with the routine, you can always push yourself to your limits and reach new heights.

Remember, you need to warm up before beginning any type of exercise. It’s also important to note that you need to nail your rowing technique to get the most out of this workout. We have a guide on rowing technique here.

Let’s get started!

Warm up

Row lightly for 2-3 minutes. Stretch.

Round 1

30 seconds work.

60 seconds rest.

Complete 4 rounds.

Round 2

30 seconds work.

45 seconds rest.

Complete 4 rounds.

Round 3

30 seconds work.

30 seconds rest.

Complete 4 rounds.

Round 4

250 metre sprint.

Cool down

Row lightly for 2-3 minutes.

This workout plan might sound simple, but it will really put you through your paces as the intensity rises and the rest shortens; before the all-out sprint to 250m will be the final push to feel the burn.

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