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Why Cooking Fresh Meals is Better for You

12th May 21

When it comes to making meals, we’ve all chosen eating out or grabbing something out of the freezer over cooking fresh meals. It’s easier and quicker; at least, that’s what we’ve been led to believe, but cooking fresh isn’t nearly as difficult and time-consuming as you might think. In fact, cooking fresh meals has more benefits than you might be aware of.

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Portion Control

The first benefit of cooking fresh meals is it allows for portion control. When you eat out, portions often tend to be bigger than the recommended meal size. By making your meals fresh from home, you can control the size of your meals as well as the portions of each section of your meal. This can really benefit weight loss and weight management as you know exactly what you are eating and how much, and it can even make it easier to stick to a meal plan.

Healthier Ingredient Options

two people cutting up vegetables for a meal

Preparing your own meals fresh also means you can control exactly what ingredients you use. Many foods that come pre-prepared, either from the shop or a restaurant, can have hidden ingredients such as high salt content or could’ve been cooked in a way that means it has a high-fat content.

Cooking fresh means that you can pick exactly what goes into your own meals, alter them to suit yourself and anyone eating, as well as control things like how much salt is in the meal or how it’s cooked. This way, you can make sure your meal retains as much of its nutritional content as possible whilst still being enjoyable.


Everyone loves to save money, and cooking fresh meals does just that. By cooking fresh, you can buy products at a much lower price, but also in bulk. That way, one food product can stretch across a couple of meals or feed more people than one meal out somewhere. You can even look for bargains at the supermarket and compare the prices to other places and other items to get what suits you best.

Batch Cooking

someone stacking boxes of food that has been pre-prepared

Another benefit to cooking fresh meals is that it allows you to batch cook. If you want to save time or tend to cook too much food, go for batch cooking instead. This way, you can cook a large amount of food and store the rest away for other meals for a period of time. This saves money by making your ingredients last longer, saves your time cooking every day and can really help with portion control.

Family Bonding

Many people can see cooking meals as a chore and something they can’t be bothered to do. Still, it can actually be a gratifying activity that you can turn into a family activity. Cooking meals with your children can really help them as they grow up as it teaches them skills on how to cook for themselves and in a healthy way. Cooking fresh meals together can really bond a family and make it something to enjoy.

Make Eating Out a Treat

All of this is great, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat out from time to time. Cooking fresh meals at home regularly makes eating out a treat instead of a routine. It’s a much healthier lifestyle that doesn’t have to be the big chore you might think it is, and think of all that money you’ll save.

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